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How To Celebrate the Best Wave of Your Life If You’re…

| posted on April 06, 2011

A Pro Surfer:
Outward gesture that can be easily trademarked. Do it repeatedly. Adriano has the double-fist triple-claim. Parko has the ten-finger claim. Neco Padaratz claps for himself. Etc.

A Soul Surfer:
Pull off, paddle back out, and say nothing. Later discuss the wave in metaphysical terms.

An Exhibitionist:
Make lewd gestures that should offend anyone in the water. Or just mimic your favorite pro surfer’s claim.

Emotionally Insecure:
For the moment, let go of your emotions—laugh, hoot, scream, and make hand gestures. Then spend the rest of your day wishing you hadn’t.

  • Guillhermep

    haha emotionally insecure is the funniest, so true..