How to be Married, Have Kids, and Still Surf Everyday

| posted on June 08, 2011

Tom Curren knows that when you teach your kids to rip and surf with them, you get to kill two birds with one stone.

There is a certain breed of man who gives up his surf sessions when he gets married and has kids. Don’t be this man. It is eminently possible to be gainfully employed, to have two children, to have a wife, and to surf everyday. I speak as a father of a two-year-old son and a newborn daughter engaged in a loving marriage, and also as a self-employed person who juggles several jobs at once. But mostly, I speak as a surfer who gets in the water every day.

How do you do it? Don’t marry someone who doesn’t get the surfing thing, that helps. But more than that, make the priority known. The key here is for you to understand, and to clearly convey to your wife, the value that surfing has. I am a better husband and father when I’ve surfed.

  • phil

    great post..

    i like this so much!!!

    thank you for this enlightening post.

  • Naomi Hayes

    Not only does she have to get the surfing thing, she would have to love him for it.
    The partner can not just tolerate him surfing but love that he is out there everyday in the ocean on the waves feeling his best. Then he is at his best when he comes home.
    you want you and your partner to be free and have no regrets, then it will last forever

  • rdot

    So if your wife surfs too are you going to do the same for her??

  • arty cipak

    i too have have a wonderful marriage where i still surf everyday when there are waves.Even though i work away some weeks at a time and have 4 kids and my wife doesnt surf,she fully understands that if i wasnt able to surf i could’t possibly be the man she fell in love with.Surfing is who i am and without it i am nothing

  • Surfer Dad

    Surf EVERY day, really? Even pro surfers can’t surf everyday.

    However, there are various ways to surf regularly and keep your wife and kids happy.

    Have a look at my surfing tips for parents for some real life advice.

    If you do really surf every day with a wife and two kids, then you have my respect.

  • Surfer Dad

    If you really do surf EVERY day, and keep the wife and kids happy, Respect.

    However for us mere mortals, I have offered some tips in a surfing survival guide for new parents on my blog “Surfer Dad”. Sorry, tried to put a link in but it didn’t work, so you’ll have to Google it if you’re interested.

    Big love to all surfing parents

  • Joshmosh

    So the take-home message is “don’t marry a P.I.T.A.”?

    Thank you Captain Obvious.

  • http://n/a zeno malan

    Is Tom Curren married?

    If his annual income is greater that 100K then I guess that’s an end of topic qualifier.

    If TC was a working stiff like most of us, priorities must be adjusted.
    Some would call what TC does work.
    I wonder how he feels about having to show up at sponsored functions.
    Bet he wishes he was plain rich.
    Don’t go all ballistic on me, I surfed with him in baja and his dad at Pavones.

  • Maharichie

    “I am a better husband and father when I’ve surfed. “. The key here is to actually be a better husband and father. You have to uphold that part or you’re just bs’ing an excuse to go surf everyday. So really, regardless if you surf or not, be a good husband and father.

  • Understanding wife

    Great advice, I only wish my surfer boyfriend was “a better husband” when he got one and not a total waste of space….where can I find a cute good surfer who is also a good husband and Dad? There is definitely an eharmony type market for this….

  • Unfulfilled wife

    Where does one find a surfer dude who is a better husband and dad when he comes home?

  • Sad wife

    Where does one find a “better husband and dad” who surfs?

  • Clueless

    I’m married with two kids (7 and 5) and I surf close to everyday. I really agree it’s a matter of priorities. The most important thing is to live close to the surf. I commute one and a half hour everyday to work so that I don’t have to commute to the beach. As for being a better husband and dad when I’m surfing regularly, my wife tells me that all the time.