Grant Ellis | Rincon Logging

| posted on October 25, 2011

“I was on a camping trip up the coast and stopped at Rincon to hang for the day,” says Grant Ellis. “It was so small that it didn’t really look worth surfing, but this guy seemed to be having a blast on some of the small, glassy lines wrapping into the point.” Photo: Ellis

  • Lindsay


  • Tony

    That “guy” is Drew Fletcher. Great local guy and a very good shaper.

  • joel

    i have a board Drew made me and it is excellent to surf. He copied a board i had for many years until it fell apart. In my opinion he was able to copy it exactly. no ego and no “let’s try this”. much appreciated. by the way, nice wave.

  • Nate

    Amazing style. Amazing shaper/glasser. Amazing friend.