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Pipe Masters Update

Adrian Buchan, Jordy Smith and Tiago Pires join the list of injured surfers

| posted on December 05, 2013

2012 Billabong Pipe Masters in Memory of Andy Irons - Day 2 - 091212

The following list is the most up-to-date record of the surfers that have been added to the draw of the 2013 Billabong Pipe Masters in addition to the 2103 ASP Top 34. This list is subject to change, and all surfers listed as “in” are now available for trading on Fantasy Surfer.

Jordy Smith
Adrian Buchan
Tiago Pires
Glenn Hall
Owen Wright

Shane Dorian – Wild Card
Dane Reynolds – Wild Card
Pat Gudauskas – ASP Injury Replacement
Yadin Nicol – ASP Injury Replacement
Ricardo Dos Santos – Event Injury Replacement
Kalani Chapman – Event Injury Replacement
Ryan Callinan – Event Injury Replacement
Jadson Andre – WQS High Qualifier
Mitch Crews – WQS High Qualifier
Granger Larson – Highest Hawaiian surfer in ASP world rankings
Tanner Gudauskas – Triple Crown Front Runner
Ola Eleogram – Volcom Pipe Pro Top 8 qualifier
Reef Mcintosh – Volcom Pipe Pro Top 8 qualifier
Bruce Irons – Volcom Pipe Pro Top 8 qualifier
Kahea Hart – Volcom Pipe Pro Top 8 qualifier
Kaimana Jacquias – Volcom Pipe Pro Top 8 qualifier
Marcus Hickman – Volcom Pipe Pro Top 8 qualifier
Joel Centeio – Volcom Pipe Pro Top 8 qualifier
Ezekiel Lau – Volcom Pipe Pro Top 8 qualifier

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  • mangemongland

    Shame on the ASP for letting Dos Santos in

    • Dick Dos Santa

      seriously. that guy is a kook

      • Shadrack Midenyo

        yeah the kook who won Wave of the Winter in Pipe last year.

  • Topher

    Where’s Jamie O?

    • guest

      Isn’t he banned from ASP events from his tussle at Pipe not so long ago?

      • Dude

        In Tahiti

  • João Esteves

    Where is Frederico Morais?

  • Sam

    Why the hell are the asp letting dos santos in and not JOB? that clown should be banned from the north shore!

  • Tim


    • Jason MacDonald

      After Sunny’s turns at Haleiwa who wouldn’t want to see him at Pipe? Also, yes, JOB please.

  • karmaportrait

    Mason Ho please

  • Marco

    Where is Frederico Morais???? Can´t believe they just left out the Rookie of the Year 2013.

    • Haydon

      nat was the rookie of the year

      • J

        morais is vans triple crown rookie of the year


    Haha Dos SANTOS is sponsored by Billabong…. Go figure…. JamieO lives and breathes literally at Pipeline… Disgraceful ASP…..

  • jjss

    Jamie O finished higher than Marcus, Joel C. and Kaimana in last years Pipe pro…shouldn’t he be qualified? Ryan Calilan…who is that

  • shameless

    Volcom Pipe Pro Top 8 qualifier or Volcom Pipe Pro “Hawaian” qualifier? I dont see here Conner Coffin or Chris Ward…

  • Tucksurfs

    Get Dos Santos out of there and let someone who has more experience at pipe like JOB or even Wardo.

    • booom