Tandem Surfing

It takes two to make a thing go right

| posted on June 16, 2014

Tandem surfing was once very popular. Not hard to see why: people hoisting each other high above their heads, twirling their partners around before comically dropping them onto a hard fiberglass deck. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of tandem surfing going on anymore, maybe because it looks impossible. So Matt Warshaw made a little tribute clip. Enjoy.

  • ManBearPig808

    Holy shit that grip…..

  • Matt

    Wow, how could Malibu have ever been that uncrowded…

  • http://www.winshipwalling.co.uk Scott Winship

    Well im a UK surfer based in Ripon, North Yorkshire. Its one hour drive to my local break Saltburn by the Sea…( englands east coast premier surf beach). Ive been surfing since I was 16yrs old.
    Since identifying Tandem Surfing five years ago on you tube , Ive allways fancied doing it.
    For the last four years since 2010 I’ve slowly (as and when a girl as happy to do this when the surf is small enough) , built up my tandem surfing and some basic Acro Balance moves on shore in Sheffield at Greentop Circus. However I never did enough of it with the right girl to introduce the acro lifts. But then !… just in the last three months myself and the girls I know through salsa dancing and yoga friends and acro balance friends are now slowly trying the acro side of tandem surfing.
    So far I can easerly do ‘The Cradle’ hold , The Swan off the shoulder pose and ‘The Fish’ pose.
    We even had a freelance Journalist taking shots, as a effort to get some media attention and for the Journalists big break so to speak. I was surprised none of the surf mags took any interest because know one on the UK east coast actually Tandem Surfs.

    • Pauly Chambers

      Maybe I can help coach you via the web. You can reach me at hisurfphotos.com
      How’s the waves over there? And what are you using for a board?

      • http://www.winshipwalling.co.uk/ Scott Winship

        Hi Pauly
        thank you for your response. Im riding tandem on a starboard blend 11’2” x 30”wide x 4.5” thick. It will do for the short term. Probably buy an infinity at some point later.
        Regards Coaching I already use Tiffany Harper. She is such an inspiration.
        Now the footwork flows more, we have improved our lifting skills and technical knowledge.
        Aloha from England

  • http://www.tandemhawaii.com Tiffany Rabacal-Harper

    Tandem surfing is still going strong although participation at the competitive level does tend to ebb and flow like the ocean. At its most basic level, tandem surfing is quite easy and fun with an added partner on the board to help carve and always having a witness to remember your epic rides. Adding tandem lifts to your rides can also be simple or very challenging depending on the degree of difficulty. The hardest part about the sport is finding the right partner to ride with. The guy has to be a strong surfer with a good deal of strength and the gal has to be petite, ideally with a background in gymnastics, dance, yoga, etc.

    The International Tandem Surfing Association organizes both ISA Tandem Surfing Championships and the ITSA World Tandem Tour. Stops on the tour have included Hawaii, East Coast (USA), California, France, Spain, and Australia. Check out http://www.facebook.com/itsatandem or http://www.facebook.com/groups/itsahawaii for more information on the sport and how to connect with our community of tandem surfers worldwide.