Tandem Surfing

It takes two to make a thing go right

| posted on June 16, 2014

Tandem surfing was once very popular. Not hard to see why: people hoisting each other high above their heads, twirling their partners around before comically dropping them onto a hard fiberglass deck. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of tandem surfing going on anymore, maybe because it looks impossible. So Matt Warshaw made a little tribute clip. Enjoy.

  • ManBearPig808

    Holy shit that grip…..

  • Matt

    Wow, how could Malibu have ever been that uncrowded…

  • http://www.winshipwalling.co.uk Scott Winship

    Well im a UK surfer based in Ripon, North Yorkshire. Its one hour drive to my local break Saltburn by the Sea…( englands east coast premier surf beach). Ive been surfing since I was 16yrs old.
    Since identifying Tandem Surfing five years ago on you tube , Ive allways fancied doing it.
    For the last four years since 2010 I’ve slowly (as and when a girl as happy to do this when the surf is small enough) , built up my tandem surfing and some basic Acro Balance moves on shore in Sheffield at Greentop Circus. However I never did enough of it with the right girl to introduce the acro lifts. But then !… just in the last three months myself and the girls I know through salsa dancing and yoga friends and acro balance friends are now slowly trying the acro side of tandem surfing.
    So far I can easerly do ‘The Cradle’ hold , The Swan off the shoulder pose and ‘The Fish’ pose.
    We even had a freelance Journalist taking shots, as a effort to get some media attention and for the Journalists big break so to speak. I was surprised none of the surf mags took any interest because know one on the UK east coast actually Tandem Surfs.