Happy Birthday Larry

The Rubberman, Larry Bertlemann turns 59

| posted on August 07, 2014

“In the future, surfing might be going into aerials; I call them Larryials,” said Larry Bertlemann in a 1982 interview. Larry, you were absolutely correct. Bertlemann, one of surfing’s greats throughout the ’70s, was a flamboyant pioneer of today’s high-performance shortboard style. “Rubberman” blended tuberiding, top-to-bottom vertical surfing, and early-stage airs in a package that was impossible to miss. Perfect afro, giant Pepsi logos on his board, the occasional wearing of bright red and blue bell bottoms at Pipe. A standout character in an era full of them.

Happy Birthday Larry.

  • Herminio Caesar Mercado

    Video by Steve Soderberg, the director?

  • http://www.barrysnyderdesigns.com/ Barry Snyder

    Did Larry Bertleman turns on my skateboard as a kid. Hero. Way ahead of his time!
    Happy Birthday Larry!

  • whamo

    I saw Larry surf Queen’s in the summer of 73 one evening, after my board was already locked up in the cage at the beach because my hotel would not let boards in my room. In my 35 years of surfing, it was the most impressive hot dogging I’ve ever seen.