EOS, Now Presented by SURFER

A slice of surf history heaven

| posted on March 30, 2014



SURFER is proud to become the presenting sponsor of the Encyclopedia of Surfing (EOS), a relationship that brings together two of surf culture’s most cherished and authoritative voices.

It’s a match made in surf history heaven. SURFER is the surf world’s flagship publication, long considered the “bible of the sport.” EOS, the surf world’s go-to reference source since its first printing in 2003, re-launched as a website in 2013. EOS has since become the greatest one-stop collection of surf information on the Internet, chock full of previously unseen photos, video, and film clips.

Surf media luminaries who have opened up their vaults to the EOS project include Bruce Brown, Kai Neville, Art Brewer, Taylor Steele, Dana Brown, Jeff Divine, John Severson, Doc Ball, Thomas Campbell, Greg MacGillivray, Stacy Peralta, LeRoy Grannis, Alby Falzon, and Pete Taras.

SURFER’s support will enable EOS to continue to preserve and curate surfing’s cultural history while providing its content absolutely free of charge.

“SURFER has relied so heavily on The Encyclopedia of Surfing over the years, that supporting Matt and his vision to bring the encyclopedia online was the least we could do,” says editor Brendon Thomas. “If SURFER’s sponsorship of EOS enables Matt to continue to do what he does so well, then we feel we’ve done the surf world a service.”

Surfermag.com will feature a special EOS section on its website, with regularly updated content from Warshaw’s team, including surf culture commentary and featured entries from the encyclopedia’s archives.

The sponsorship continues Matt Warshaw’s nearly three decades long relationship with SURFER magazine. “I’ve been reading SURFER since the magazine was made using a chisel and stone, and working with them since 1985,” says Warshaw. “So stoked and honored to have SURFER backing EOS.”


  • Captain Fat Bob

    Hats off to Laird and the laurels of surf sport with riding Peahi and tons of dunnage as in the total “tsunami debris” ali hop over that shit and into his own tariffs and duty.

  • Cresh O’mally

    Hope Warshaw didn’t forget the Donnybrook from last winters Irish coast gastro itwas inthralling.

  • Professor William Slaughter

    It will be a cold day in hell when Rob Machado adorns sperry topsiders along with reef sandals so stars align crossing salt excursions or terra expeditions and Encyclopedia Brittanica owns Warshaw.

  • eddie donnellan

    Hey Matt
    The EOS is great man!!! Stoked Surfer jumped on board! We miss you down here in the middle of the beach.