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Talking shop with Ventura's Todd Proctor

| posted on February 10, 2014

Meet Todd and Charissa Proctor of Proctor Surfboards in Ventura, California.

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  • Procoat

    Great Vid! True stuff from the heart! Todd’s hands on style of making boards puts him in a league of his own. He’s very personable with tons of knowledge and experience. All my boards are made by him. I ride a 6’1″, 6’6″, 7’8″ they all ride very similar in small to large surf! Go by and see him and take a tour of his factory!

  • ZEUS

    one day i’d love to have Todd shape me a Monster Chief, i’ve gotten my grubby fingers on a couple of his boards and they have that magic feel. Unfortunately i’m not gifted enough a surfer (or financially) to justify the cost of a custom shape at this time. it’s back to the craigslist foam hunt for me…

    • PJAshbrahs

      The advantage is that Todd shapes boards beyond the specific parameters of his clients. What that means is that there are finite (yet transparent) details in his creative formula, that enable you to perform better or to simply enjoy that much more when surfing his shapes. You get that much more than you’re expecting as tremendous value.

      • ZEUS

        I actually scheduled the consultation and was fully committed but in a stroke of luck two like new boards similar to the Monsta design and dimensions i needed magically appeared for sale locally in the same month. i was able to purchase both for less than half the price of the custom i had planned so i took it as a sign i needed to learn more about my surfing now that i’ve moved down to a shorty from my log and hybrid shapes. i’m still looking forward to having Todd shape one for me and these used boards are just a way to better understand my own needs as a surfer. I could definitely tell that Todd works some magic into his sleds by the way they feel and how i’ve seen them surfed.

  • Chris Bruynzeel

    Great video…ditto on the comments below. Todd & Charissa are such great people–very patient with the tons of questions I pepper them with. I now have 3 boards–all soooo fun! I started surfing in my teens thru 20s, took some years off, then back into it the last 5 yrs. The 6’6″ pavote eased me back into the line up–speed, fun carving, forgiving. Now with 6’4″ monsta (5fin set up)–great for the steeper, more draining waves…and…my 6’4″ monstachief–more foam–allowed me to enjoy all sorts of waves–from 2ft mush to 8-9ft’rs a couple weeks ago–incredibly fun! With bad knees (too many yrs of soccer), surfing has become my recreation–and–the Proctor boards make it pure stoke!

    Can’t emphasize how great a company this is…how great the boards are…how enjoyable is to interact with the Proctors! Yyyeewww!

  • Sean Saldamando

    sick vid! yeeeww! Best boards. make more videos.

  • Ricky Schaffer

    Awesome! Todd is an absolute gem… In all aspecs. A friend , an encourager, a blessing and a provider of the most finely tuned surfbords available. He pours his heart into every board .His boards keep getting better and better. Just when you think you got that magic board that causes your surfing to get to that next level and you are like.. ” This is the one! Dont change a thing!” He makes you a better one. This happens over and over. Todd Charissa and Buckaroo make the whole process so fun and easy. The boards are constructed to a level of quality I have never seen before. I am so thankful to the Proctors for enriching my life so tremendously on so many levels. Thank you Mr and Mrs Proctor!

  • Sean Saldamando

    So Sick! Todd is a super cool friend and its been great knowing him. He is an amazing shaper and an inspiration towards myself and others. Todd shapes amazing boards and really works hard and puts so much time and energy into his boards. He has a great program and I’m very thankful. Him and Charissa both work all day to manage their bussiness and its the best Surfboard Company out there by far! I love my boards from him and I will always get more and more from him. I’ve never had a board as good as Todd’s. Thank you Todd and Charissa. yeeew!

  • Cameron Dorsey

    Wonderful video, spoke right from the heart, I totally agree with Procoat.