Noserider Fundamentals

Tyler Hatzikian on the art of building and riding traditional longboards

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| posted on July 15, 2013
  • vidal

    hmmm, that’s it? I was waiting for some detailed insight on shaping and riding longboards…like the header said. quite a letdown turns out.

  • tillish bazooka

    @vidal: arrows on the side…. more pictures…. more info…..

  • chucky cheeze

    Sign me up, I want one…

  • MeMeMe

    Click on the pics for more info on design. These are beautiful logs

  • Mark

    Please send me more. Where is this surfboard sold?

  • surfcrazy

    Any peek at a bitchen hand made longboard is worth a click.

  • slowpoke

    Now this is some serious classic quality log porn… excellent !

  • Juan Bautista

    Looks a lot like my Model T

  • Paul

    What a beautiful board, stunning!!

  • surfer

    it wont make you noseride all the way… just check at the nose. Its not rounded.