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In the Shaping Bay

A look at the methods and craft of Santa Barbara's Ryan Lovelace

| posted on June 24, 2013

  • Jeff Bridges

    Ryan is funny. He’s under the impression he invented the resin dot. Still makes me chuckle thinking about it.

  • Tim D Plumber

    Ryan makes a great board. The yellow/abstract v.bowls in rack @ about 2:00 mark is sick!

  • Walter Sobchak

    @Jeff Bridges who then DID invent the resin dot? Clearly a wishy washy trademark, but I haven’t seen too many resin dots around.

  • Ryan Lovelace

    I most definitely don’t claim to have invented anything and have openly shared the story behind that logo; which was nothing like an invention, and more like a hole being burned into the bottom of my new board by a cup of resin that was too hot. makes me chuckle too, actually.

  • Ryan


  • Michael Soule

    Aloha Ryan…
    I am also a sculptor of foam and I too think that one should learn all areas of the process… I even used to make my fins in the late 80’s early 90’s before FCS and Futures and all the others, I especially like to paint or tint, makes the board a piece of art that instantly comes alive when you see the resin saturating the foam… Aaaah Yes! Keep the art of hand shaping Alive! Good on you man, don’t listen to the negative comments, keep doing what your doing, your doing everything right!

  • Brew

    Ryan- Your boards are awesome!

  • surfcrazy

    Yep he answers own email. thanx for the logo submissions to Stanley’s Surfboard logo library !

  • jake
    • Paul

      Jake, you a shaper?

  • Sally


  • matias

    awesome video. this kind of people do that I can start creating my tables. with dedication, passion and love. thanks for the input. and PURA VIDA!

  • Michael