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GMac’s New Whip

Nobody does surfboard design like Stuttgart, Germany

| posted on February 07, 2014

When Garrett McNamara tackled massive, ugly Nazaré last week, he did so on a new, uh, surfboard. Mercedes and McNamara got together to make a board they’re calling the “Silver Arrow of the Seas.” Actually, they made four. The boards are apparently equipped with some sort of complicated system for tracking G-Mac’s performance, though the specifics of what the board tracks and how are hush hush. Your first thought is probably “bullshit.” But if you’ve ever been to the Mercedes museum back in the Old Country, you’ll know that the company’s engineers can make anything and they can make it go fast. And until I’ve ridden 50-plus foot waves, I’m giving McNamara the benefit of the doubt. Plus, what the hell. You’re tackling crazy, crazy waves, get yourself a crazy, crazy board. Would love to see the deck, though. The traction’s gotta be leather-trimmed or something, right?


Well, those certainly appear to be rivets, but it’s probably safe to assume that’s just for looks. Wish there was a Mercedes hood ornament up front.


Mmm hmm. That’s G-Mac’s board all right.


These kick-ass fins brought to you by Aufrecht Mechler Grossaspach. Futures, I guess.


Maybe that’s where the telemetry happens?

  • HotRightNow

    I seriously love it. G-Mac just crossed over from being subject of my derision to adulation as a postmodern pimped-surfboard riding icon. I think he began his transformation in my eyes when he got Anderson Cooper on the back of his jetski. That may be the work of a blowhard but it’s blowhard genius. You crazy, G-Mac, I think there’s something wrong with you. That is meant as a compliment.

    Game on, Mr. Sterling Spencer.

    • Joe Sharp

      I dont get the comparison to Sterling Spencer? They are completely oppisit ends of the spectrum.

      • HotRightNow

        I think Sterling had posted a parody of g-mac around that time.

  • Sven Hedin

    Atrocious, yet Thor Heyerdohl probably would have tried a more natural running papyrus fiber and laquer based glaze. Itinerary included Norwegian in Oslow to Bangkok, Thailand nonstop while open sky for better or worse… he’d probably gotten laid by Thai woman. That would have been smarter then, but Thor is not surfing now… is he GMAC?

  • Strudle864

    It’d be nice to see the whole salvo.

  • Nuno Baleal

    Made in Portugal . SPO , surfing portuguese organisition.

  • Ko

    Looked super gay for me…

  • Barbara Dudko

    Foully posh…

  • St. Jude

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  • copiouscrush

    Nice ride!!

  • Christopher R Callahan

    Wow! That thing is SLICK!!!!

  • Will Rapp

    The fake rivets are stupid

  • MonicaByTheShore

    I love the classy new ride! A brand new level of awesomness for Garrett! Much deserved, beats the heck of the car you surfed at Laniakea’s that wrecked & ended up in the shorebreak, lol! Seriously, I love it, German engineering, come on, they design cars for 200 mph on the Audubon! NASA next, “to the Moon”! Aloha & congrats Garrett!

  • Pacifics Edge

    And the GMAC dooshiness continues

  • skippy

    idk i like my boards to ride like a Cadillac lol but like to step on a benz board

  • Jacob Peer

    This is like Surfing porn to my eyes, how can i get a new one or used one for me? 🙁

  • Aderondack


  • bruticust

    Wow, another hackneyed attempt to build credibility off corporate greed. Good design but wrong canvass.

  • Hutch

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  • picknick

    Technology and surfing have always gone hand in hand.
    Thanks to new technologies and new materials we have the pleasure of enjoying moments like Gareth gave us in Nazare in which he challenges his limits.

    I thank the millions of incredible athletes who engage themselves in the stratosphere, plunging to incredible depths or climb everest in short … those who defy their limits