A Blank Rincon Canvas

And Trevor Gordon is an artist

| posted on July 16, 2014

Trevor Gordon surfs Rincon the way God intended. With flow, trim, and grace. You can surf with those qualities and rip huge turns, like Tom Curren, for example, or you can have speed and flow and caress the face with glides and fades, like Trevor Gordon. Either way, it’s a thinking man’s (or woman’s) approach to the wave. It’s also an approach that’s more and more on offer at the Queen of the Coast, a place that used to be just thrusters and high-performance longboards. In Rincon’s recent years, there’s been a cultural flowering of a full-on Byron Bay-style movement toward the “Whatever Floats Your Boat” school of waveriding. Gordon is a de facto ambassador.

  • G3

    Same thing happened in skiing a few years ago, went from stacking violent maneuvers one on top of another to a trend toward much more chilled approach. All the kids these days are so athletic on a wave, but it takes a while and a few years before we get to see what kind of real style they can bring to a wave.