Trestles Saved Again

In a 3-2 vote, the Regional Water Quality Control Board denied the TCA permit for the toll road

| posted on June 20, 2013

A sample of the surfers on hand who went out of their way to protect a stretch of land they love. Photo: Glaser

It was standing room only in the Regional Water Quality Control Board Meeting Room in San Diego. A few hundred surfers and environmentalists alike showed up to the hearing—which was inconveniently located some 50 miles away from Trestles—to fight on behalf of some of the best waves and most pristine State Park land in Southern California. After testimony from representatives from the Surfrider Foundation and fellow activists, the Board denied the Transportation Corridor Agencies their permit to build the 5.5-mile segment of their proposed piecemeal toll road plan.

The vote marks another win for surfers in the battle to save Trestles, and it comes just three years after the California Coastal Commission shut down the initial proposal for a 16-mile toll road through San Onofre State Park. The TCA will likely head back into their lair to begin working on a new plan to push their agenda, but for now, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate the successful resistance coordinated by surfers and environmentalists.

“We are elated that the Board soundly rejected the TCA’s application—they clearly understood the severe the implications of building the first 5 miles of the road. It is reassuring that this Water Board is living up to their mission statement of implementing plans that will best protect the region’s waterways,” said Surfrider’s Stefanie Sekich-Quinn.

There was a mixed bag of pro- and anti-toll road reps, but the collective voice of the surfers rang louder. Photo: Glaser

The Board reviews the proposed segment of the toll toad (before denying it entirely). Photo: Glaser

Consider it saved, for now. Until next time, well done surfers. Photo: Glaser

Read the Surfrider Foundation’s full report here.

  • http://SurferMag robert edwards

    I live in Daytona Beach FL. and I have been actively following this issue. I plan vacation trips to Trestles bi-yearly and also plan to move here in the future. I dont think they should build the extension because I feel as if it would corrupt the area as far as future over population around this prestine beach.

  • Nick Haas

    What a great day! Seeing all the positive people willing to give their time to fight for what’s right was so inspirational. Unlike me, they do it on a daily basis too. Just good people. Congratulations guys! Trestles remains to be the gorgeous beach it is.