“Cheerio,” The Surfer’s Path

Longtime British surf mag closes its doors

| posted on January 02, 2014
The Surfer's Path, 1997-2014

The Surfer’s Path, 1997-2014

The Surfer’s Path, founded in 1997 by Alex Dick-Read, former Caribbean correspondent for the Associated Press, has announced that its soon-to-be published 100th Issue will be its last. Part high-brow surf-culture commentary, part environmental watchdog, The Surfer’s Path was founded in Cornwall, England. For many American readers, The Surfer’s Path was one of the first indications that surfing even existed in England, of all places. It isn’t the only British surf mag out there—Carve and Glide are still going strong—but The Surfer’s Path has typically appeared in American surf shop racks more often than its British brethren. It’s always been a pleasant read, one completely devoid of any interest in the pro surf scene, and, for that matter, the biggest names in surf stardom. It’s also long included a healthy dose of “ride anything” content, way before that was in vogue. The action shots weren’t often of the best surfing quality, but they reflected the surf world most of us live in. Godspeed, The Surfer’s Path.

  • PJ’s Surf Shop.

    Sad to hear this great and truly interesting and more spiritually written surf mag is ending. It is most definitely the best I’ve been selling in our Surf shop here in South Wales for many years. Great articles, information around the world with what real surfers must support and young surfers will learn what surfing is all about. This magazine is always heading down the right road…. Surfing is Living!!!!…..Good Luck to all who have spent many hours producing Surfers Path……Surf-On!!!!….PJ.

    • Blakey

      Well said PJ. For me it was the only magazine worthy of subscription.
      Glide on Surfer’s Path, Glide on.
      Blakey, from the Cornish branch of the OCBYN surf club.

  • Ben

    Really is a great magazine I remember seeing the first issue and just enjoying a totally different read to anything else. As well as in my opinion some of the best surfing and scenic photo’s. Must admit I have missed out on a couple through the years so maybe I’ll look for those back issues so I have a couple more to read yet! All the best to everyone involved!

  • Mark

    ah man. there are no other mags worth reading apart from the surfers journal. and that costs about £15 per issue.

  • Paul Wright

    How sad, truly a great inspiration for many of us. As a result i am selling my collection, please email me or info.

  • pam

    what about the subscription they took from me for non delivery

  • Leon

    Really sad day, one of the most cerebral surf reads out there. Fantastic photography and beautifully edited. Such a shame.

  • David Martin

    Looks like Surf Europe has picked up the subscribers to The Surfer’s Path. It was something different and valuable.

  • Kat Dawes

    Carve and Wavelength are the main British mags, with Carve’s sister publication SurfGirl still out there too. Very sad to hear TSP is no more.