Surfing’s Best Beards 2.0

Round Two of our tribute to the finest beards in surf

| posted on July 01, 2013

We just couldn’t help ourselves.

John Haffey

The rastafarian Gandalf of Leucadia. You think it sucks to stand on your leash during takeoff? Just imagine all the times Haffey’s paddled into a sweet little peeler only to pop up with a foot on his own beard. It’s not often that a beard is so big it inhibits locomotion. Haffey’s in rarefied air here. Photo: Morris

Jack O’Neill

If you’ve ever worn an O’Neill wetsuit and thought to yourself, “Man, this suit is warm,” you can thank O’Neill’s heat-bringing facial hair. It’s been a tightly-kept secret for years but the “state of the art insulation” in O’Neill’s “Psycho” series? Handfuls of Jack O’Neill’s beard trimmings. Photo: Trefz

Heath Joske

Remember that mid-heat soul arch at J-Bay? His beard’s idea. Photo: Kidman

(Beards We’ve Loved and Lost)

Josh Redman

Redman, with his voluminous, Amish-style Donegan, wouldn’t have looked out of place driving around Indiana in a horse-drawn buggy or sweating under a wide-brimmed hat whilst erecting a barn. But sadly, we’ll have no more shots of Redman’s beard poking out of South African barrels as he’s recently shorn his wool. Blasphemer. Photo: Specker

Matt Hoy

A near perfect synthesis of man and beard was dissolved this year after Hoyo went mainstream and ditched his multi-hued Viking warrior’s facial shield. Hoyo surfs like a Australian Viking would have, with barely-contained animal aggression fueled by furious bouts of beer drinking. Lucky for us, that kind of surfing is like Rogaine for your face. We’ll see the legendary Hoyo beard again. Photo: Maassen

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  • Steve

    What, no John Peck or Rick Griffin (RIP)? There was a guy that used to cruise the S.C. pier with “the Beard” painted on the door of his Chevy who would yell “Calafia. Surf is up.”

  • Scoobydude

    dunno about this feature guys.. what’s next, swooning over surfers’ eyes? it’s all bit foo-foo

  • http://none Steve Briggs

    Really?! This is the best you editorial clowns can come up with? You are pathetic. After the high of Fiji then right into Bali with great writing features from Sean Doherty we go from those high points to this. What genius came up with this brilliant idea? The buck stops at the Editor, Brendan Thomas. He has to power to say no. Great job on this one. What’s next? The painted toe nails of the Top Women surfers? Bible of the Sport was once the tag line for “ER”. Today with a feature like this you’re going down the road.

    • Pato

      FEAR THE BEARD! … and respect the BEARD…

    • Scott Logan Graham

      this steve guy can only grow peach fluff….. BURN NOTICE!!!

  • Matt O’Brien

    “Surf” Artist (sorry Matt for calling you that) Matt Beard has a really bitchen beard. Plus amazing art. Check it out if haven’t already seen his work.

  • Maverick

    Steve Briggs – Deputy Commissioner of the Fun Police

    Lighten up big guy!

  • chuckmennace

    surf rats next please, summer of rats.

  • http://SurfersMagazine Juan Carlos Padin

    Im starting to like the beard i think is god protection from the sun
    But i vote for Mat<s beard kind of bitching…

  • Bill Dempsey

    Where’s Rick Griffen? John Peck? Keith Malloy?

  • Mercedez Carlson

    I enjoy any editorial on surfers that captures a closer look at the individuals who make it a such a compelling sport and way of life.

  • Beardimus Maximus

    my cousin just turned me on to this blog! Its awesome!! Love the beards! Check out my Save The Beard Facebook page. Would love to put some of your surfer photos on there!

  • Beard Care

    Beards are all the rage these days, so its no surprise that even surfer magazine is picking up on the trend.

  • Nancy

    The blonde guy’s beard makes him look like one of those Greek gods…lol Happy Bearding!