Slater Talks A.I.

A candid Slater talks about his rivalry with Andy Irons

| posted on August 18, 2014

Last week Slater told USA Today that he was not the most interesting man in sports. This week he sits down with Vice Sports to talk about, among other things, his Baywatch experience (mainstream interviewers seem to love asking about Baywatch) and his competitive relationship with Andy Irons. He also touches a tiny little bit on the Slater-Hater ethos of the ’90s, when it was cool to talk shit about Slater and to root against him because he won all the time. Now people root for Slater specifically because he wins all the time. Surf fans are weird. Anyway, it’s a nice little interview.

  • Riccardo Spiros

    Kelly Slater epitomizes the word ” Class “. there isn’t one pro surfer past, present and future that will accomplish what he has accomplished ever. yet he speaks with such genuine humility like he has no memory of his dominance. Irons was a great surfer….. but he was DOMINATED by Slater. the comparison is so lopsided it isn’t fair to Slater. ok. I will take my knee pads off and wipe the lip gloss from my lips…… out.


    • Pavloz

      I agree Slater epitomizes the word “Class” and there isn’t one pro surfer past or present that has accomplished what he has accomplished. But past present AND future? What, do you have a crystal ball that foresees the next 1000 years of surfing and it says there will never, ever be anyone as good as Slater?

  • Riaan

    It’s rare that a pro athlete, specially one as accomplished as Slater is often speaks so honestly and candidly about his opinions. You get used to hearing cliche’s and the same old expected meaningless phrases. He has obviously thought about the things he talks about often and come to the conclusions he has after some reflection.