Save Kirra

A proposed cruise ship terminal has the iconic wave in jeopardy

| posted on January 06, 2014
Damien Hobgood in a quintessential Kirra barrel, now threatened by development. Photo: Swilly

Damien Hobgood in a quintessential Kirra barrel now threatened by development. Photo: Swilly

A proposed development plan to build a $2 billion cruise ship terminal/casino near Kirra has many surfers and non-surfers alike outraged. The plan would likely ruin the natural flow of sand to the Northern Gold Coast, an area already suffering from erosion, damaging the life blood of the world-famous wave that generates millions of dollars in revenue for local businesses. Additionally, many believe that pollution from the ships would negatively impact the wildlife and surrounding areas. If you had any reservations regarding the outcry, you won’t after you watch the video below, composed of perhaps some of the best sessions ever from the spot.

The Save Our Southern Beaches Alliance has organized a paddle out and public rally set for Sunday, January 19th at 10 a.m. QLD Time to protest the development. Expect to see World Champs and Coolangatta residents Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson as well as countless others come out to support the Save Kirra movement.

  • Noah

    This is bs he’ll no they shouldent build a cruise ship dock they should save the waves and creat less polution

  • Mik

    Cruise Ship vacays are for idiots. And idiots rule the world.

  • Stu Azole

    Im for it. They ruined Kirra with the superbank anyway.

  • Martin

    Focusing your protest just on ‘surfing’ and “environmental” issues may not be enough. We all know that both of these topics are the last on the government agenda (e.g. look at the mining industry and continues damage to Great Barrier Reef). We’ve GOT TO TRY HARDER. We’ve got to involve local community which is currently very disintegrated (elders and plenty of local investors who don’t even live here). This is not a coincident that the government chose this location. They know that if they’ve already built multi-lane highway, international airport, so now it is time for the terminal. This is a conscious decision to completely destroy Kira and Bilinga local feel.

    Where I come from , the protests turn to be more violent, because this is the only way to get the media attention. No media attention = your case is lost. I do not advise to go this way, but instead find more of legal means of protests which do not break the law. Big Paddle Out is a great start, but there is still more to be done.

    P.S. the local Gold Coast City Councilor CHRIS ROBBINS will do NOTHING for us.