Ramon Navarro’s Board Returns

Navarro's lost surfboard takes a 300 mile journey from Spain to France

| posted on March 04, 2014
Navarro's+board copy

You’d look like hell too after drifting around the Atlantic for two months.

Back in December, Ramon Navarro came in fifth in the Punta Galea Challenge, a Big Wave World Tour event held near Bilbao, Spain. During the event his leash snapped and his board was lost to the current. On Friday, two months after it disappeared, Navarro’s gun washed up some 300 miles to the north, in France’s Bay of Biscay. Looks like it had an interesting trip.

Navarro and his board in happier times.

Navarro and similar board in happier times.

  • max

    It is not the same board.. stickers are not all at the same place (subaru?!)

  • Chad Bonsack

    you guys should drop one in the middle of the ocean with a satelite tracker and a Go Pro

  • Marc Halikas

    That board is TOAST!

    • Barnegat Light

      SurferCook.. err I mean SUPerCook is TOAST hahaha jk

  • Alex Mabbott

    The few remaining stickers on the board aren’t in the correct place which leads me to believe it isn’t the same board, although they are dead similar.

    1. The movistar sticker is higher up the board on the damaged board.
    2. The red sticker below the movistar sticker, is now above the movistar sticker on the damaged board.
    3.The Subaru sticker used to be central on the left hand rail but is now on the right side underneath the movistar sticker.
    4. The gap between the Sanuk sticker and the movistar sticker is much greater on the damaged board.

    • Joe Sharp

      You are a retard.

  • Jay Lane

    These look like two different boards. Looking at the decal placement, its all off, somethings not right.

    • Bunker

      Read the caption ……”similar board, happier times”. Der

  • Wave Tribe

    Looks like something tried to eat it.

  • Ryan

    Can you guys read? It says “Navarro and SIMILAR board” in the caption

  • Felipe

    Navarro and similar board in happier times” it say it under the photo that is not the same board. Ramon sigue matandola y saludos al tito de parte del che Felipe.

  • Misplaced stickers

    Maybe they change the stickers depending on whether the sponsor has paid for the appearance/event. Thus they were in a different place for Punta Galea compared to the snowy shoot.

  • derp

    not the same board. The snow pic board clearly has a traction pad on it…….:)

  • MUZ

    yeah there must be HEEEEAAAPPPPSSS of people who have the exact same sponsors and colour boards. Gosh, some people take things too seriously

  • bongo fury

    brainpower at work here (NOT) 😀

  • Roberto Ramirez

    may be it was stolen…

  • Raymond Baradas

    similar nga eh…tanga.

  • Dante

    Who really cares ? As long as it was not Ramon’s body ! He is a sponsered big wave surfer, so they will just hand him yet another board or two ! Is it interesting that it turned up 300 miles to the north in France…Yes a bit…But debate about the same board or where the stickers are are or aren’t …? Come on people !

  • seldom seen smith

    Ya know, I don’t think the two boards pictured are the same boards.

  • Scott E Miller

    Obviously many of these commenters did not visit the Book Mobile as kids. Anyone remember “Reading is Fundamental”?