G-Mac’s Mercedes, Take II

A video look at G-Mac collecting his Mercedes-designed super board

| posted on March 03, 2014

A couple weeks back we ran photos of Garrett McNamara’s Mercedes-designed rig for towing into giant Nazaré. The “sleek, sexy, fast” Mercedes surfboard now has its own little promo video. The board works fine. Now let’s see Al Merrick design a car.

  • Lost…

    I wish I had his expert vocabulary.


    • Keanu808

      ka ka ka ka.

    • piers still flooded


  • John Smith


  • Joe Sharp

    lol the scientist said “Aqua-Dynamical” i believe that is called hydrodynamics ???

    • rylee

      only in english, english is probably one his first language so he might not have known the english word for it

    • m

      english = second language

    • othman

      it’s in German buddy Don’t forget that their first language is German
      oooh also science has been written in Greek Persian Latin Arabic for thousand years
      German for a bit more than 5OO years

      english probably 200

      you understood what he said
      so for a non necessary comment please accept a bit of enlightenment

    • Rick

      Clearly the man’s first language is not English. It is admirable that despite that, he can speak it with great fluency and make himself well understood. I believe that instead of criticizing, one should look in the mirror and recognize his own limitations and ignorance.

  • Geoff

    I think All Merrick could design an MB that “works fine.” The question is, can MB make a board that performs at a world class waves that someone cares about. Nazarre is to surf what Sotchi is to skiing.

    • rylee

      ….sochi is horrible for skiing

    • Jorge Leal

      Sorry Geof, but your words show a complete lack of knowledge! Nazaré is a wave of many faces! if you want to barrel on giants days you can! but at this time… everyone is learning the beast!!!!

  • ryan

    what a douche.

  • Al

    your a pretentious a$$ Geoff. Not just because you spell your name with a G. Switch to a J like a real Jeff. Nazare is a miraculous anomaly of bathymetry. Despite your pompous attitude- I think we can agree: no one respects billion dollar companies who throw their R/D crumbs to marketing ventures involving action sports athletes. I hear bmw makes a hell of a bobsled though.

  • dg1501

    I watched part 1 of this, and all I kept thinking while they talked about how unique a design problem this was because of the speed involved, the need to take wind-resistance into account, etc., was that water ski & wakeboard manufacturers have been doing that kind of work for decades. The only reason this is a Mercedes project is $$ and marketing.

  • RIsurfer

    Always wondered what he was riding in the vids….thanks for the entrie!!!