Skindog to Laird: Got Beef?

Ken Collins speaks about Laird Hamilton's Nazaré comments

| posted on November 04, 2013

Ken “Skindog” Collins has a big bookshelf. He loves watching people charge big waves. He hates it when big wave surfers snipe at each other.

  • Nico

    Great words.

  • BR

    This was incredible & a very class act at a time when big wave surfing or surfing in general needs this.

  • flyboy

    thats cool, good to see positive vibrations on surf!!

  • AC

    I fully agree, congratulations to Maya and Burle. Congratulations to anyone who played in a giant wave. I remember every day of my life when I drop a wave of 6 feet, this is my record and no one will take that away from me. Congratulations to burle, for having the courage to drop a 100-foot wave. It was possible to paddle jaws? Thinking like Laird, Danilo Couto wouldn’t have paddled it! And if Jeff Clark believed he wasn’t prepared? And Kelly is not young enouth? Or Aikau that is so far?

  • AC (previously unseen images of the salvage and how Maya was a hero)

    To understand what really happened And To see how prepared maya is. Sorry Laird , you fail this time.!!!

  • vini

    True Hawian spirit

    • guest

      dudes from santa cruz, a place with minimal “hawaiian spirit”

      • Jordan Woodfield

        lol very true

  • Dandaman


  • Commander Cool

    Who cares? Are all these guys babies? Who gives a shit?

  • Ken Stemwedel

    Money and ego the bottom line ?

  • Ken Stemwedel

    Surfers tend to low cut each other at times .No different that many other sports

  • RichardWhipperclitt

    Carlos rode what would be considered a giant mushburger compared to Jaws, Log Cabins, Mavs, Cortez Bank, or any other bona fide big wave spot. And he didn’t make it. Laird is right. I don’t know where he gets off questioning Maya’s right to be out there though. But I respect his opinion, even if he is King of the Janitors.