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Sunny Garcia and Jeremy Flores Face Disciplinary Measures

ASP Rules & Disciplinary Committee Holds Initial Meeting Regarding Flores/Garcia Incident

| posted on February 21, 2011

J-Flo in trouble. Photo: ASP

GOLD COAST, Queensland/Australia (Monday, February 21, 2011) -The ASP Rules and Disciplinary Committee has convened this morning to begin assessment of an incident involving ASP World Title contender Jeremy Flores and ASP World Tour surfer Sunny Garcia last Saturday, February 19, 2011 on the Gold Coast of Australia. In accordance with the ASP Rules and Discipline Policy, the ASP Rules and Disciplinary committee will cooperate fully and await the findings of an active police investigation into the matter before reconvening and determining the next course of action.

It is noted that ASP International implements a zero tolerance policy in relation to violence.

In accordance with the ASP Rulebook, immediately following Saturday’s incident, then-active surfer Jeremy Flores was suspended from event competition at Burleigh Heads and then-eliminated surfer Sunny Garcia was suspended from the next event on the ASP calendar that he was scheduled to attend, the ASP 4-Star Burton Toyota Pro in Newcastle.

The ASP Rules and Disciplinary Committee will reconvene following the closure of the active police investigation to determine whether further disciplinary action is required for both athletes.

  • Crusty

    Sunny, when are you going to take off your diapers? Man up

  • jeff

    Sunny is nothing but a punk. He pulls this crap here on the North Shore all the time. He’ll never change

  • Ian Gledhill

    I wish I didn’t have my Sunny fins now, dude seems like an asshole…do they test for steroids on the ASP tour?

  • Local

    The ASP have to ban these guys from any more comps if they are to be taken seriously. There is nothing professional about any group of people that have members that carry on like this.How do they expect to attract sponsors or a following if this is left alone. No drug testing and now thugs , sounds nothing like a group of roll models to me.

  • aloha

    they should be tickled !!!!! alot!

    • Pearl

      hahahaha they should video it and put that on the news !

  • Jarrod McPherson

    There should be no place for that on the ASP. It’s one thing to break up a fight, or go to the aid of a friend, but another to beat a guy half to deah. If Sunny Garcia wants to fight all the time, he should join the UFC. He in particular comes across as a thug and bully. Even down to his Affliction sponsor. He is well past his prime in surfing anyway, and at this poit is just a trouble maker that creates a bad image for the tour.

  • http://surfmag greg

    When you will have sons or daugthers you will understand his react!!
    Go Sunny, Go Jeremy !!

    • charles

      As a teenager I would be embarrassed if my father came took charge of a confrontation I was in. I like work out my problems verbally, but if it comes down do it I would hold my own.

      Maybe Sunny should share some of his roids with his son.

      And what was with him kicking the camera man too?

      I put him on a similar level as Vick, and even below Tiger Woods.

      Hes an overrated surfer as well.

  • Marcelo

    They can do whatever thay want while out of competition field. It was a free surf sesion, that local guy is known to start fights, fuck it… they been kicked out of that contest, that´s it, deal done

    • stv

      Go to Hawaii and try that Marcelo, foreign surfers show respect to the locals. Sunny comes here and thinks he owns the place. Fuck off Sunny and take your fresh bum boy with you.

  • chris

    I feel sorry for Sunny’s son, I mean having that loser for a dad, he doesn’t have a hope in hell!!! Sunny has always been a loser, who picks on the weak. I mean he had a go at Curren, the most chilled out legend there is, that’s just a no go zone. Two on one… in my world that’s weak… weak… weak… As for Flores, let’s hope that you learn and grow up… because you need to make hay while the sun is shining, because like Sunny surfing is progressing well beyond your abilities and I can tell you that you have little or no public appeal and your sponsors know it… fact… Pipe has given you a lifeline… though you may have just ruined that. You don’t get underscored your just not that good!!!! That goes for you too Sunny, why have a go at judges who score you for what you are worth. In fact you were overscored the whole event at Burleigh… you’ve cheated your whole life… I guess that’s why you ended up in jail!

    If anyone from the ASP is listening, please take a stand… ban Sunny for ever, the public is sick of him and he has been degrading the sport for years. Teach Jeremy a lesson, though give him a chance to show he has learnt and appreciates what he has got.

  • stv

    These guys should be locked up, they were trying to kill that guy. Lets hope the law cracks down on them. It was disgusting to see Sunny choking that young surfer and the French dandy boy throwing cheap punches. Put them in the slammer for a while and let some Aussie thugs have a go at them.

  • Otto the Wise

    Why couldn’t this have taken place in Maroubra? They ought to have some kind of reality show where they stick all the thugs who have it coming on each other… If Sunny didn’t have so many priors I would probably stick up for him defending his family – partly because it is way too easy for me to imagine some racist Aussie surfer dissing his son for no reason… but he obviously has major anger management issues….

    • jeff

      if this maroubra it would nt have happened….because Sunny is heavy…no matter how you look at it…….and would have been with the boys

  • daniel

    I have two kids Greg but I will never teach them that the best way to resolve conflits is using violence… There is no glory or to be proud off in punching and suffocating people because you have an argument with them about some waves… it is ridiculous, and I hope ASP do its job and punish Garcia and Flores very hard, and set the bar for others surfers that think they can get away with such behavior, for the good of our loved sport.

  • kyle

    sunny is like real live cartman except he isn’t funny.

  • dirk diggler

    if i was that dude that got beat up by sunny and flores i would sue them and there sponsors and make a big deal out of it,i’m sure they would rather pay out then see this drag on in the media…… surfers have too much money any way ,make him go broke……….don’t be a pussy and walk away…

  • BluWave

    Ok…all you politically correct pussy boys…or should I say…POSERS. Sunny may be a thug, punk, bully (waa waa!)…but if you’re going to hurt his family and make a spectacle…be ready for the fury! The ASP should keep out of it…it wasn’t during a contest and while we’re at it…..Let’s just take our North Shore and keep the ASP and posers off our waves!

    We’re SO over the loud mouth Aussie arrogant posers on the North Shore, with their disrespectful ways. Most surfers are NOT watermen…and will never understand or grasp the depth, passion and respect of our oceans – they take our lifestyle, yes it’s a lifestyle! and turn it into profit….and like Sunny – WE ARE OVER IT!!

    BTW….I’m NOT a surfer dude from Hawaii, but a Wahine who was bred and born here with Keiki that surf…and I would do the same thing Sunny did if ANYONE hurt them.

  • Braddah moke

    My friend from tahiti said sunny was in tahiti a few years back and a top local surfer beat him in a heat and he called the guy a monkey and it was on the news in tahiti and it made hawaiians look like kooks,Sunny dropped in on neco padaratz and then tried to beat him up and neco needed to make the heat to remain on tour so he did not back down in the heat! Sunny went to kauai and got kicked off the island for doing same old shit .He moved to cali and was having road rage on the freeway and told the guys to pull over, he got his ass kicked! He has done so much other shit it is impossible to tell it all in one comment! plain and simple sunny surfs alright but will never be a threat with his surfing on tour,he only makes heats with his intimidation bullshit! asp wake up and get rid of sunny! And fullermore sunny is not even 1 %hawaiian.I am pure hawaiian and hate how he thinks he represents us!

  • bradley

    Sunny Garcia is nothing but a thug.
    He’s playing the card, hes such a good guy, just sticking up for his son. THATS BULLSHIT! sticking up for your son isnt almost killing the guy. especially in front of him and a beach full of people. Sunny should of calmed the situation down.
    he has been doing it for years. thinks he rules every beach. He may get away with it in Hawaii but not here.
    I have seen him personally harass guys in the water simply if they got in his way.
    The ASP should for sure ban him. with what he did. He does not deserve to be apart of a great sport.
    Oh and whats the go with the charges magically dropped. What threats did he make or how much money did someone pay to shut the guy up.
    Really this is how they operate.
    Ban him and get rid of him so no one has to see his scary face again!
    As for Jeremy flores. He may not have been involved in the situation as much. However he was still involved. Banning him from at least the first WCT will show him that it is not tolerated. Let him have a chance but let him suffer and think about what has happened for a while.

  • Gregory

    Sunny Garcia you are a douche! I have seen this douche get in multiple fights at multiple places in Southern CA. One winter at Sunset Cliffs he became the enforcer @ Newbreak, later that summer he transfered farther north to Middles at Trestles. MIddles? Douche!

    One day out with my best friend for life he snaked my friend, and after the snake he cut back towards my friend and put the nose of his board through my friends eye brow. Knowing what he did, he didn’t say a word, until he was confronted. Upon confrontation he replied “It’s dangerous out here”….how gay is that “It’s dangerous out here”…and you should have seen his mixed martial arts entourage. Anyhow nobody wanted to fight once everyone got out of the water, but it was a day in the life of Sunny the Douche.

    The question I ask, why is STONE, his son…not in school? or is he just another social retart from the home school-ing world. The home schooling thing in the surf scene seems to be getting a little out of hand. Not every kid is a Jon Jon.

  • tarzant

    one word sums up this pair… scum

  • dh

    Sunny is a thug!

    Not protecting his son at all. Just jumped into what was a fairly even fight to make it two on one. Imagine two Aussies trying this on in Hawaii.

    Draw your own conclusions. Pictures at:

  • bizcon

    In this case we need to really know what happened ? maybe the local surf was aggressive at first, maybe not…. That looks like that had nothing to do with Sunny’s son… looks like he bought the fight from Jeremy and later even got the camera guy…. This episode should be investigated by the police. And that should go public and send a message for all the other surfers the act like they own the Ocean. LOCALISM is the most ridiculous thing ever. Nobody owns the OCEAN… THE OCEAN BRO… just because you grow up surfing there ? then you should be grateful because you are so lucky and that’s it. Its really crazy to see a lot of surfers acting like fighters or lighting up in the water because of a wave… surf supposed to be totally the opposite. I look at pictures from surfing magazines and you can see the look in the eyes of a lot of surfers, how they wanna be seen as the shit, or the coolest or punk or Local or whatever… there is a lot of disrespect in the water… like… look at Hawaii! I feel sorry for the good people of Hawaii, how come such a beautiful place, surrounded by nature and awesome waves be so violent in the water? what about drugs there? Wake up Hawaiians, you live in maybe the best place in the world. They say, to protect our waves !!! Bullshit, this is a loser attitude, a way of getting attention because you don’t surf like a pro or a way of feeling significant… that’s what gangs do… it will only generate more violence… The world needs more Education and more Peace.

  • ChunXXX

    What a bunch of losers… Sunny should go to jail w/o somebody having to press charges and Jeremy Flores should also be in trouble… Its like they said when we were kids.. “If you hang out with bad kids, you’re gonna get in trouble”..

  • dana

    There’s got to be some deep pain and sadness in that man .. Thats where that kind
    of rage comes from,, it’s like a public plea help

  • USVIsurfer

    BluWAVE your just as ignorant as your sunny..all you talk about one love this the True VIBES that….B$#% I’m from the and bahn an raise in the Caribbean..where we feed you love you and will stick a machete in your skull for disrespect like you stay in the pacific and inbreed cause you all don’t have no more pure hawaiians me on the other hand am a pure bred fro mthe Caribbean..if you all want to come this way come show respect and look out for deh next man das all. Sunny Garcia I wish you’d come to the Caribbean and try that. A totally stranger will chop you for gangin and tryin to drown ah next man…Fyah Burn either way so he gon get his. Keep playin Ignorant when you loose the final WAR don’t geh Vex Inah yo Mudascunt!!!!!

  • bug

    I finished watching a contest in the vans triple crown. I watched sunny give Fred P. a bunch of flack in the water and go at him on shore. I told my wife the guys been like that his whole life and should be taken out of the eye of the public in pro surfing. Surfers are not known to be brawlers and with the amount of kids watching the sport its crazy a multi billion dollar industry keeps him around. Id have to say he doesn’t know how to handle himself or the laws we should all live by. Respect is a big part in life. I’m a san diego surfer and have surfed in many areas. I know many who can handle sunny physically but would not pursue it that way. Trestles and sunset cliff locals could teach him a lesson about ruling the water because of it being a home break but they don’t. To me thats respect, honor and protecting your family. He’s indangering his family by pushing it because there’s always someone who can hand you your rear and will take it a little to far. I hope sunny finds help for his anger before its to late and I hope the ASP takes him out of my sons view while we’re trying to enjoy a great sport. I’ll never purchase an affliction product because of their sponsorship to him.