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Quiksilver Pro U.S. Tour Stop Will Not Return in 2012

| posted on December 16, 2011

The 2011 Quiksilver Pro New York scored excellent waves, but unfortunately will not be back in 2012. Photo: ASP

Quiksilver and the ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) today announced that The Quiksilver Pro New York will not return to the East Coast of the United States as a stop on the 2012 ASP World Title Series. The 2011 Quiksilver Pro New York marked the 6th of 11 events on the elite ASP World Title Series

“The 2011 Quiksilver Pro New York event was a huge success for the surfers and fans with great conditions and incredible support from New Yorkers.” says Rob Colby, President of Quiksilver Americas. “Quiksilver is still very much committed to the ASP and the professional surfing tour in 2012 with the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast (Australia) and the Quiksilver Pro France.”

“It is unfortunate that we announce the cancellation of the 2012 Quiksilver Pro New York,” Dave Prodan, ASP International spokesman, said. “The 2011 installment was a fantastic event with excellent waves, tremendous local support and some of the best surfing we enjoyed all season. That said, we understand the factors leading to Quiksilver’s withdrawal of the New York event from the 2012 schedule. We appreciate Quiksilver’s continued support of the world’s best surfers with the Australian and European elite level events in 2012.”

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Media Contact:
Catlin Rawling
Quiksilver Global Communications Director

  • insider

    They are out of $$$$

  • louis le bayon

    what are the reasons then??

  • E

    Thank God. They got soooooo lucky this year, which made for a very enjoyable contest, but that made the odds even lower that they would ever get waves again. Now to replace it with an actual Dream Tour location. Did you see the waves before that swell arrived? E.coast ankle high dribble is not what the WT needs.

  • not happy in NY

    Too bad, it was one of the best events of the year. Lots of surf fans here in NY. Bad move if you ask me…

  • John

    They SCORED like you would not believe for this past year’s event. It’s good that they don’t run it again. The odds of them ever getting it that good for the entire contest are slim. They made a wise choice to quit while they were ahead.

  • david

    and there you have it, Kelly just told Quik he’s gonna quit the tour!! If their boy aint there at their event whats the point??? wait and see surf fans

  • Mikegio

    That sucks. One of the best events 2011

  • Stucco

    What I find really interesting is that, from what I’ve been reading, most of the locals in NY really WANT the contest back again. Conversely, most of the locals in San Francisco are GLAD that the tour isn’t coming back. I can’t imagine wishing to have that circus back again; it was a friggin’ mess and I hope they go somewhere better. The tour already has enough average waves on tour – send them someplace epic.

  • ya ya

    what washes ashore goes back. see you in “dream” land.

  • mike

    Really glad the tour is not stopping there again. Everyone says they scored this year for surf when in reality they only had 1 good days of waves. The rest of the comp had worse waves than Huntington. Good to stop while they are ahead because the next comps would not be so lucky wave wise. Bring on good waves and if they want another beach break why not Puerto?

  • Goleft

    What is going on with Pro Surfing!? It is so ready to ride the high, anoint the next great thing, and worship Ke11y, yet behind the scenes its a farce. So much puffing out of chests w the success of 2011, yet you have dismissed ASP Directors, bad math, vulgar stars condemning (correctly it turns out) the Tour, ‘Next Big Things’ that can’t make it out of heats, and now sponsors pulling events AFTER the schedule has come out. What gives, Surf Industry? Are you doing well, or floundering? Is O’neill sponsoring a Tour event in Santa Cruz, or not? C’mon, this is ridiculous, especially in light of what a ‘seemingly’ successful year this was. Quit trying to push for surfing to be up there with the major sports, touting web viewer numbers, and event success, when Pro Surfing is really more like Arena Football. A lot of fans are dissapponted by the half hazard way the Tour is being conducted.

  • insider

    The link above shows Quik’s margins.

  • john lewis

    no doubt the fees are to high, from costs of transporting gear, to event fees, local, and state permit taxes, to state income taxes on surfers winnings, housing costs etc… all of these add up to probably the most expensive event they ever hosted. if the waves were pipe caliber maybe it would be worth the expense, however there are many better waves with a much cheaper infrastructure to host events around the world.

  • JCNY

    Can’t say I’m surprised, but non the less dissapointed. There are indeed a good majority of surf fans in the NY area who were looking forward to the return of this event. Besides the fact that the 2011 event did see a very rare set of consistent waves (by NY standards, that is), I do not think that should diminish the fact that the tour should not return in 2012. Isn’t this after all professional surfing? These guys should be surfing in ALL kinds of conditions, not just getting spoiled at perfect pipe-like conditions the world over. What a shame. Just goes to show how much the ASP respects the USA.

  • Save Surfings Soul

    Hopefully we are seeing the demise of Pro surfing and the Surf industry .
    Who really benefits from bring surfing “to the masses” ??
    Its for sure not the average surfer !
    Isnt surfing crowded enough ?

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