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CEO Brodie Carr Resigns from ASP International

| posted on November 09, 2011

One of the many things Brodie Carr is credited with is the instrumental role he played in bringing Fiji back to the ASP Dream Tour in 2012, where the world’s best surfers will contest the Volcom Fiji Pro. Photo: ASP

SAN FRANCISCO, California/USA (Wednesday, November 9, 2011) – The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) announced today that it has accepted the resignation of CEO Brodie Carr, effective December 31 of this year.

Mr. Carr has tendered his resignation as CEO on the heels on the premature crowning of Kelly Slater as the 2011 ASP World Champion last week in San Francisco.

“It is my duty to accept responsibility for the recent calculation error that resulted in the premature crowning of Kelly Slater’s 11th ASP World Title,” Brodie Carr said. “The determination of the ASP World Title is the most important moment in professional surfing. Ultimately, the responsibility for every activity within ASP lies with me. Therefore, I have elected to resign my position as CEO.”

Richard Grellman, Independent Chairman of the ASP Board, will temporarily act as Executive Chairman while a global search for a new CEO is undertaken.

“The Board of Directors met today and reluctantly accepted the resignation of Brodie Carr,” Richard Grellman said. “We would like to recognize his valuable contribution over the last six years and wish him every success in the future.”

Slater, who officially confirmed his 2011 ASP World Title on Sunday at Ocean Beach, will join the remainder of the ASP Top 34 at the 11th and final event of the 2011 ASP World Title season, the Billabong Pipe Masters, from December 8 – 20, 2011.

  • Surf This

    ASP should elect Bobby Martinez CEO!!!!

  • StevO

    Hang on, we better wait a few days to make sure he really did resign. Seriously though, tough call and he manned up to leave. Others will disagree but I reckon the ASP is in much better shape then it was 6 years ago. Great job and ashame to end on such a note.

  • Whitey B. Goode

    Steve-O : Many pros and spectators have been calling for his resignation for the last three years. This is a great day for surfing. The greedy Corpo CEO is finally ousted! And Steve-O, the tour is better off than 6 years ago? Are you high? This years schedule was the worst in 15 years. Endless complaints from competitors and fans. Hopefully with Carr’s resignation we can get back on the “Dream Tour”! Bring back Bugs!