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ASP World Tour Welcomes 2014 Season

Commissioner Kieren Perrow announces the complete separation of the WCT and WQS ranking systems

| posted on January 13, 2014

LOS ANGELES, California/USA (Monday, January 13, 2014) – With the 2014 ASP season upon us, Kieren Perrow is taking on his first season as full-fledged ASP Commissioner with the same passion, style and commitment to excellence that he exhibited in his many years competing amongst the world’s best.

“It’s a very exciting time for professional surfing and I’m both humbled and honored to transition into the Commissioner’s role full-time in 2014,” Perrow said. “Our office is charged with upholding the integrity of the sport of surfing, ensuring high standards are met within rules and regulations, defining dynamic changes to ASP judging, engaging with our athletes, developing a fluid and respectable career pathway and overseeing all technical aspects for the sport.”

Evident of his commitment to a fair and level playing field, one of Perrow’s initial executions for 2014 will be the complete separation of the rankings for the ASP World Championship Tour (WCT) and the ASP Qualification Series (QS) with ASP WCT results counting exclusively to the ASP WCT rankings and ASP Prime and Star results counting exclusively to the ASP QS rankings – a departure from the last few years of a combined ranking system.

“The tweaks and alterations that have been made to the technical aspects of the sport over the past several years have been done so with one guiding principle – create a fair and balanced platform for the world’s best surfing to be rewarded,” Perrow said. “The combined ranking served a purpose throughout its time on tour, but the Commissioner’s Office believes that a separated ranking is the best path forward.”

This change will alter the qualification process for the elite 2015 ASP WCT, but the makeup of the ASP Top 34 will remain the same:

2015 ASP Top 34:
– Top 22 finishers on the 2014 ASP WCT rankings (best 9 of 11 WCT results)
– Top 10 finishers on the 2014 ASP QS rankings (best 5 of all QS results)
– Two ASP Wildcards

Serving in Deputy Commissioner roles will be Jessi Miley-Dyer and Peter Mel. Miley-Dyer, a former ASP World Junior Champion turned Top 17 competitor, has extensive experience at surfers’ representative, board member and is currently the ASP Women’s World Tour Manager. Mel is a former ASP Big Wave World Tour Champion and icon within the big wave community.

The Office of the Commissioner will be supported by ASP WCT Manager Renato Hickel, long-standing ASP Tour Manager Al Hunt, the ASP Judging Team helmed by Head Judge Richie Porta, surfer representatives across all disciplines as well as key personnel in other departments.

“Surfing is a sport that touches the lives of millions of people around the world,” Perrow said. “It can mean different things to different cultures, different things to surfers in the same lineup, different things to fans of and employees within the sport. The goal with the Commissioner’s Office is to ensure a cross-section of all stakeholders within the ASP are represented with a voice and have input into the evolution of this sport that we all enjoy. 2014 is going to be a great year.”

The first events of the 2014 ASP World Championship Tour (WCT) season will be the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Gold Coast from March 1 – 10, 2014.

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  • Ludo

    Well done Kieren, my girlfriend never really understood those rankings 🙂

  • Trogan Fan

    change it so current CT guys who don’t make the top 22 cannot re-qualify on the QS and then you’re talking.

  • zbah

    So this will result in it being harder to stay on the ct for the back half of the surfers and split focus and more travel for the back half of the ct while benefitting the top 16 and extending their careers. Great for parkos and slaters who will have better odds of surfing against first timers. Great change if you want higher turnover but tough if you are a upcoming pro who qualifies but gets bounced back to the minors before gaining much experience on the ct It’s going to make sponsors even more unlikely to take on the marginal tour surfers. Pro surfing is turning into a pretty ruthless arena.

  • CV Hartline III

    Question: How will “claims” be scored for 2014?

  • Socalform

    New faces on the WCT is always a good thing. And for those that fall off and are hungry enough, it shouldn’t be too hard to get back on. SURFER, it would be interesting to know who from WCT wouldn’t have made the cut this year had WCT points been outa the picture.

    It does seem like this is a small bone being thrown out there.. what else does the ‘new’ ASP have coming in the way of rules/judging, etc? In MHO the judging needs to reward creativity and risk taking more.

  • bony

    Hey Kieren, could you add a few more stops to the world tour. Maybe bring back jbay.

  • Michael S

    Terminate Richie Porta and all elements of the Judging Team of 2013. That should be the first order of business of the “new” ASP.