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ASP Partners with Triple Crown

New trials event for Pipe Masters will also be introduced

| posted on May 07, 2014
The top-two finishers from the new Pipe Masters trials event could see conditions like this in their future. Photo: Noyle

The top two finishers from the new Pipe Masters trials event could see conditions like this in their future. Photo: Noyle

Sources have confirmed to SURFER that ZoSea will bring the Triple Crown under the ASP umbrella. Vans will still remain the presenting sponsor, but the production and running of the events will now be the responsibility of the ASP. Since ZoSea took control of the ASP in 2012, they’ve made numerous changes and acquisitions in their efforts to revamp the Tour. The decision to license the Triple Crown events will mark the first time the ASP has taken hold of a non-World Tour event. The Haleiwa and Sunset leg of the Triple Crown are both currently rated as Prime events.

Additionally, a new trials event will be created for the Pipe Masters. While many of the details surrounding this new comp remain unknown, it’s rumored that competitors will be seeded into the contest from the Volcom Pipe Pro, and that it will feature 32 surfers and a largely increased prize purse, estimated to be around the $100,000 mark. This new event will take place on the opening day of the Pipe Masters and will seed the top two finishers into the Pipe Masters. It’s likely that we’ll see many of the local Pipe specialists who qualified from the Pipe Pro in the new trials event, which will be streamed live on the ASP webcast during the Pipeline leg of the Triple Crown.

  • gannysesh

    I wouldn’t mind if Sunset and Haleiwa were WCT rated events.

    My take on the Pipe Masters qualifying bit is that instead of 6-8 local surfers granted entry into the Pipe Masters (isn’t that how it usually is?), it’s now just two. But to make up for that, they get a big pre-Pipe Masters contest. I wonder how the locals are feeling about this…

  • Boneroni

    What about the priority heat format? Are they doing away with that? Hope not

  • kook eyes

    Hawaii will not be happy. Just two locals? Sounds like another one day Pipe Pro with less locs getting in.

  • Steve Grande

    Makooka and crew are not going to like this. Only two spots? Ha Ha Ha Thank you ASP!

  • Major Asshton

    This is an aquisition liking to that of Chris Kringle and Christmas. ASP was sold a product and now they are here to recollect. If I would have only paid more dues – considering that dues were appropriated accordingly – the resistance might have staved off this oversight enough, to pay dues to someone else. The ASP is selling character surfing as a NGO when in fact ASP being the the regulatory agency, is rather acting as a short seller. This year’s it!
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    Pipeline surfing for the most informed and highest of intellegence quotas cause more to remain indoors, having realized it was never smart to leave the house in the first place. I’d suggest stocking up on emergency thermal blankets and of course staying out of direct UV radioation sunlight between the hours of 10 and 2 in the afternoon. Unless of course you get invited to the trials – then its okay.

  • Ronzo

    ASP are u playing monopoly?

  • Nog

    Contests suck anyway. Here in Hawaii, you can’t stop people from surfing a spot just because you get a permit for a contest. So the locs can just go surfing…