Chris Burkard | Rafters of Surf History

| posted on June 20, 2011

“I was up near Cayucos trying to meet someone to shoot,” says Chris Burkard. “We finally found his place next to this old barn in hills. It looked like a scene from deliverance but as soon as he walked us inside we saw hundreds of vintage surfboards in rafters. It was rad, like they had been sitting for hundreds of years—but every once in a while each one gets ridden. This was only the start of his collection.” Photo: Burkard

  • whamo

    I love shots of quivers and surfboard collections. Please run more of them. Hobie used to have a huge surfboard factory in the mid-sixties, and it was a real trip to walk around and look at the boards. They did the best glass jobs.

  • David Allen

    Getting great water shoots is one of my most difficult challenges when it comes to running my own blog. I wonder how you guys are able to get in close to the action and get those hot shots to bring to your readers. What kind of camera do you guys use and man I really love the blog side of this. From San Clemente, Ca to the Florida coast I’m all about the water so hang in their and catch a big on form me!

  • paddle boarding huntington beach

    I love vintage surfboards. I wish i could transform my whole garage and use them as displays!