Chris Burkard | Pacific Northwest

| posted on September 22, 2011

“Sometimes there are just not enough surfers in the lineup to get the best sets that come through,” says Chris Burkard. “This seems to be a common theme in the Pacific Northwest.” Photo: Burkard

  • Kimo

    What an amazing shot. It looks like the figment of some tripping surfer’s imagination. All you need is to add a dolphin family, a breaching whale and a sea turtle and it would look like a cheesy Wyland painting. Gorgeous.

  • awax


  • Stephen Spaulding

    Pretty shot, but not the most appropriate commentary beneath it coming from a Central Cal individual. If you’re not from the Pacific Northwest, you should steer clear of upsetting the boys who actually do surf up there.

  • eggy douchebag

    stephen – no need to get all macho because you think you own all the surf from san fran to canada. This wave is far north of oregon, and miles away from washingon. If a lineup from alaska was up here would you still get butthurt if someone said that good waves came through and there wasnt alot of surfers out?

    Why would a comment like this hurt the egos of PACNW surfers? are things really eggy up there that saying the lineup is uncrowded is gonna hurt some feelings? Didnt seem that way when i lived there.

  • Sandi

    Where is this? I live in the Pac NW and when I see a picture like this, I’m glad I’m here, but still miss SoCal warm water and beaches. But you can’t beat the beauty of the Pac NW that’s for sure.