Chris Burkard | 12 Mile Hike

| posted on June 13, 2011

“We hiked 12 miles to get to this remote beachbreak,” said Chris Burkard. “It was worth every step.” Photo: Burkard – check out Chris’ brand new website at

  • John

    what a shitty beach break for all that walking. Im really getting sick of seeing fake images of people standing around looking at shitty waves…

  • twon

    john your a kook

  • chris

    john-you have no idea what your talking about, but then again, I guess its hard for someone to see how good the waves can be when there isn’t a Starbucks coffee nearby and a parking lot with all there bros in it.

  • Hans


    You guys are a mini pack of BONEHEADS! You two probably both surf like shit and Chris I can’t imagine you’ve ever had a stamp inside your passport if you even own a passport!

    John is right, just a crappy staged shot showing us 2ft beach slop. If you’re gonna claim you hiked 12 miles and show a staged shot, they’re better be a 10ft right peeling for 300 yards!!!

  • Rad Bro

    another stupid, posed photo with beachbreak closeouts in the background and a stoic-looking surfer on the cliff. great. oh, and it’s a 4-mile hike to this crappy beachbreak, not 12. who are these guys trying to kid? stop faking it, kooks.

  • Chad

    The beachbreak in the photo wasn’t the destination if you really dont know where this is… and its 6 miles.. which means 12 there and back. Its just another photo along the way, what is with all the egginess? They hiked out and surfed, better then sitting behind a computer arguing about how far, how big and how good it is.. Was there ever a comment that said it was epic.. Not to be nostalgic, but maybe it was more about the journey, and less about how epic it was.

    Hans- 2ft slop? Hes at least 300ft above the water before first light.. seems a little hard to judge how good it is.. all i see is white water triangles with channels..

  • morgan

    this is fake!

  • bogus media

    This is Bogus!

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