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What He Rode: Mick Fanning

Darren Handley breaks down Mick's winning board from the Quik Pro France

You’ve got to control the power that France gives you, so the extra tail lift and the double concave helps you release some of that power. If you were to ride a really flat board out there, you’d be going really fast but wouldn’t be able to control your turns. Concave, tail rocker, and fin measurements are the factors that we play around with to make boards right for France.




Barrels and Rap Battles

Why some surfers need to get over their rap music phobia

Yesterday John John and Blake Kueny dropped the best web clip any of us have seen since…well…the last time they dropped a web clip. With his lofty airs, smooth rail work, and preternatural barrel riding, Florence is doing what Reynolds used to do, which is make every other pro surfer in the world feel like a second-class citizen. But, perhaps unsurprisingly, the person who has sparked the most commentary about this video isn’t John Florence—it’s Action Bronson.




Nostalgic Lenses

Film cameras are outdated, inefficient, and expensive. So why do some filmmakers continue to use them today?

Coleman takes his pursuit of cinematic nostalgia to the extreme: after getting his film developed, he’ll scratch it, draw on it, paint it, or rub it with dirt—anything to give the grainy frames a raw, primitive feeling. Other filmmakers don’t take it quite that far, but Coleman is certainly not alone. Thomas Campbell and Patrick Trefz have been shooting on film for more than a decade, and recently Joe G., Riley Blakeway, and George Trimm have also found something irreplaceable in antiquated methods of filmmaking.




Jordy’s Return

After a disappointing season in 2012, Jordy Smith discusses finding his form in 2013

I felt like I needed something to snap me out of it, so I went on a surf trip to Mozambique with my fiancé, Lyndall, and my buddy, Chad Du Toit. Lyndall was actually the one who suggested we take a trip to that wave, because she’s been there camping with her family a few times. It was just firing and I was kind of gobsmacked. I was freaking out and couldn’t get the boards off the car fast enough. I probably scored some of the best waves of my life.



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What He Rode: Ace Buchan

The 2013 Teahupoo champion breaks down his magic quad

"If you can find a magic board you feel comfortable on, you don’t even think of it as a board anymore but as an extension of your body and you can just do whatever you want. I’ll be hanging onto that one from Teahupoo, and if the conditions are right I will pull it out again." —Ace Buchan



The Culture

Inside “Urchin Howl”

Filmmaker Chris McClean talks us through the first ever Instagram surf movie

Social media has given us all a mild case of ADD. Tweets have replaced web stories, Vine replaced YouTube, and Instagram replaced Facebook in a race to make information easier to consume. One person who is embracing this impatient era is UK-based filmmaker Chris McClean. McClean takes the term "short film" to new extremes with his project, Urchin Howl, which has been edited into a series of 15-second clips to be released on Instagram.



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Getting Up to Speed

Everything you need to know about going really fast on a surfboard

“You can minimize drag but you can’t escape it. Think of a skydiver in free fall: at a certain point, the air resistance is going to cause them to reach terminal velocity, and further acceleration is not possible. In sailing, or surfing, when you calculate the drag of any surfaces above the water, plus any surfaces below the water, that dictates your maximum speed. You can try to reduce the dragging components above and below the water to push that threshold higher by getting rid of the leash, changing the fins, manipulating the bottom surface of the board, but there will always be some drag working against you.”




Slow Dance

A look at Craig Anderson’s long-awaited signature film, as directed by Dane Reynolds

The hype storm hovering over Slow Dance was undoubtedly fueled by the talent of the film’s star, Craig Anderson, who has more or less become the world’s favorite freesurfer over the last two years. But the anticipation was also in no small part due to the directorial efforts of Dane Reynolds—the man behind the most watched web clips in the world via Marine Layer Productions. For Slow Dance, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I assumed it would fall into a similarly indulgent realm. I was wrong.



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Noserider Fundamentals

Tyler Hatzikian on the art of building and riding traditional longboards

"Back when I was first making these boards, I just tried to separate myself from the conventions of the ‘80s and early ‘90s," says Tyler. "I wanted to build a board that could advance my traditional surfing and advance my ability to design and shape. To make something different from the typical thrusters or longboards of the time, which were basically 9-foot short boards. I put a heavy focus on making the opposite kind of board, and it felt new and exciting and it still does. Because no matter how much you work at it, the quest for the perfect shape is still pretty hard to achieve."




Inside Shaper Studios

Rentable shaping bays are enabling long-time surfers to become first-time shapers

Started less than two years ago by Bay Area transplant Chris Clark, the idea was that Shaper Studios would provide the shaping bays, the templates, and the tools in exchange for a membership fee—like a gym for foam and fiberglass buffs.


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