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What He Rode: Kelly Slater

Channel Islands' Travis Lee breaks down the board behind Slater's groundbreaking aerial

It's extremely fast with a single-concave bottom. On this particular board, Kelly had asked for a slight modification in concave behind the front fins, which in turn altered the rail rocker out the tail. This could possibly have helped with the extra pop he gets out of the lip. In this case, the wind obviously plays a huge factor in pulling off a huge maneuver like this as well.




Inside Attractive Distractions

Albee Layer discusses his new movie project with Matt Meola, John John Florence, and Co.

Originally we went to all our sponsors and said we wanted to make a movie with Matt [Meola] and me, but no one really had funding for it. Everyone around us was saying that we should keep making webisodes. But in the end, the filmer/editor Dan Norkunas and I just said, “Fuck it, we’re doing this.” We just decided we were going to do it on our own, with or without support. The easy part was getting the crew together, because my really good friends that I grew up with just happen to be really good at surfing.



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What He Rode: Gabriel Medina

Johnny Cabianca breaks down Gabriel Medina's winning Teahupoo board

There aren’t too many waves in the world you can call similar than Teahupoo, especially at that size. But it was his was his third time competing there, and he's already proven himself in big, powerful waves on the North Shore and Fiji. Gabriel is from Maresias, which is good training ground for hollow and powerful waves. But of course nothing to be compared with the conditions during the finals in Tahiti.




On All Cylinders

Was the Billabong Pro Tahiti the greatest surf contest of all time?

ASP commentators are some of the most hyperbole-prone people on earth, and at some point during the final day nearly everyone in the South Pacific with a microphone exclaimed the words “best ever”. So let’s break the event down to its basic ingredients and see if their sum was truly the greatest surf contest in ASP history.




Strange Rumblings Review

With great waves and a talented cast, Joe G paints a convincing image of Shangri La

Over the last decade, Joe Guglielmino (that’s what the “G” stands for) has consistently proven himself surfing’s most imaginative filmmaker. From the cheeky sci-fi narrative of Secret Machine, to the beautiful doomsday sessions of Year Zero, Joe G has a knack for elevating his work above “surf porn” into the realm of legitimate art. And in an era where practically every 2-minute web clip pretends to be art, Joe G’s flicks stand apart now more than ever.



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What He Rode: Filipe Toledo

Sharp Eye's Marcio Zouvi breaks down Filipe Toledo's winning board from the U.S. Open

Shaper Marcio Zouvi breaks down Filipe Toledo's winning board from the 2014 US Open.




Lost in Transition

After 15 years on Tour, C.J. Hobgood is ready to move on, but he's still finding it hard to let go

Editor’s Note: This article appeared in our March issue, when C.J. Hobgood was facing the task of competing on the 2014 World Tour without a sponsor. He’s since picked up a main sponsor in Salty Crew, and sits at No. 20 on the World Tour rankings. Whether he’s set to retire or requalify remains up



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What He Rode: Gabriel Medina

Johnny Cabianca breaks down Gabriel Medina's magic Cloudbreak craft

Gabriel is growing up and because of that I needed to make many changes on this model, but it's still the same concept. Mostly just the volume and the foil changed, but I also changed the fin positions and fin angles for Fiji.



The Culture

The Hobgood Documentary

C.J. Hobgood discusses the crowdfunded film focusing on him and his brother

It’s going to be a mix of past and present. We’re going to be showing what it was like for my brother and me growing up, pushing each other, and getting to where we are now. But it’s also going to be about what’s happening in our lives right now.



The Now

Noa Deane


In an era where the best aerialists see hospital beds on a regular basis, Noa Deane just might have a death wish. The 20-year-old Australian is often seen in magazines and webclips, including the recent Dane Reynolds–directed epic, Loaded, launching himself into massive, tweaked-out grabs nearly 6 feet above the lip.

It’s this kamikaze approach that has quickly lifted Deane far above the majority of his fellow freesurfers—both literally and figuratively. But he wasn’t always on track to push the limits of modern freesurfing.

“I tried the whole ‘QS thing for a little while,” says Deane. “I went to China, Newcastle, and Bali, but it just felt super stale. I still like competing, but a lot of the time it’s not about the person who surfs the best, but about who can hassle for the best waves, and you don’t know if you’re going to get two chances in a heat. That’s all you ask for in a heat, but you never know if you’re going to get that.”

Feeling disillusioned after his first few ‘QS events, Deane booked a ticket to Telo Island in Indonesia, hoping to cut loose in some real waves. The resulting web edit, Radio Friendly, was filled with the kind of make-or-break frontside airs that have since become his trademark, and people noticed.

“I started getting asked to go on a bunch of trips,” says Deane. “I got invited to Mexico with Dane Reynolds, and France to film with Kai Neville, and I just thought, ‘Holy crap. I’ve got to step it up now.’”

And step it up he did. His clips in Loaded were some of the best in the movie, which is a tall order considering the cast, which included Craig Anderson, Andrew Doheny, Nat Young, Taylor Knox, and Dane Reynolds himself.

“It’s such a different vibe surfing with those guys,” says Deane. “Around contests, guys give you the death stare if you land something good. But on freesurf trips everyone just gets so psyched. If someone lands something big, then someone else will try something bigger. It’s the best feeling when everyone is feeding off each other like that, and it pushes your surfing like nothing else.”

Deane is currently filming for Joe G.’s new movie, Strange Rumblings, as well as Kai Neville’s new project—that’s if he can keep himself in one piece.

“I want to try to mix it up,” he says with emphasis. “I want to surf some bigger waves and try to do some really big airs.”


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