The Culture

Fulton’s Urban Surf Art

Damian Fulton's art is born where the city and beach collide

The modern surf scene can be a confusing, chaotic place. Diverse crowds, intimidating localism, headache-inducing beach traffic and encroaching urbanization—these things all blur together, for better or worse, to form the everyday reality that city-dwelling surfers must confront daily. It’s that concept—the urban surf element—that Damian Fulton chooses as the focal point for his surf paintings.




Long Beach Revival

Removing the Long Beach Breakwater could bring back the city’s long-lost surf

Anyone bold enough to paddle out for a surf in Long Beach, CA, would be more likely to find plastic bags and six-pack rings than any kind of decent wave. But that wasn’t always the case. During the early 20th century, Long Beach had regular, consistent surf. The city even played host to a number of surf contests, including the Long Beach Surfing Contest in the late 1930s. But Long Beach’s days as a surf town were numbered.