Shaun Tomson

Former world champion, environmentalist, actor, author, and businessman.




For Jordy Smith, a world title is only a matter of time

Jordy Smith is an imposing physical presence on Tour. With his renewed confidence in his boards and strategy, he is well on his way to becoming an imposing competitive machine as well. Watching his performances, it’s obvious that he’s reintroducing the pure carve with a modern twist. Over the last 30 years, the true test




Pros Before Bros

The ASP needs to hire professionals, not their friends.

The day after Kelly won his ninth world title I picked up my Saturday morning Los Angeles Times—a paper that might be considered a barometer of how the media in the most populous surf city in the world views surfing—and there in the sports section, buried on Page D6 was a quarter-page story by Pete Thomas with a small picture. “Kelly Slater Wins Ninth Surfing Championship.” The Times devotes as much space to a bass fisherman winning a local angling event.