Chasing Storms

Five things to know when tracking hurricanes

In the process of getting skunked or scoring, and everywhere in between, I’ve learned some useful tips for seeking out the best surf. Here’s a quick list of five tips east coasters should consider when chasing hurricanes.




Make Sure It’s Still Surfing

Are new technologies compromising the integrity of the ride?

Wetsuit advancements, altered fin setups, new shapes, and superior surfboard materials changed the how, where, and when we could surf. Most would agree that these innovations have been beneficial, but is there a line to how far these advancements can go before the natural integrity of surfing is jeopardized? Until it no longer becomes surfing?




A Moral Dilemma

Can East Coast surfers still be excited about hurricane season?

Is this “hurricane-friendly” mindset still OK, given the battering the East Coast has taken over the past few years? With devastating landfall hurricanes like Irene along the Outer Banks and Super-Storm Sandy in the northeast, should surfers feel guilty when desperately looking forward to the first sign of these oceanic powerhouses?