How To Keep A Secret

Mikala Jones on maintaining the obscurity of your secret spot

Mikala Jones has made a career out of surfing perfect barrels in undisclosed locations. For the past 20 years, he’s been on magazine covers and in videos shot all over the world, yet Jones has managed to protect the anonymity of his favorite waves. Today, in an era where information is easier than ever to




Travel on a Budget

How to plan surf trips for pennies on the dollar

Most of us will never get paid to surf. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a pro surfer to travel like one. I have been traveling full-time for the past eight years, and have visited more than forty countries. This obviously would not have been possible if I were paying full price for airline tickets and other expenses, but by working the system I have found ways to travel for free—or at least at a fraction of the normal cost.




Hype Beasts

The recent swell at Teahupoo was a spectacle, but were the tow-ins worth celebrating?

The much-hyped swell event at Teahupoo has quickly become a real-time global spectacle. Whether or not that spectacle is worth celebrating, however, is something to consider.