Josh T. Saunders

Josh T. Saunders

Former Managing Editor, SURFER Magazine



Dear Creed McTaggart

Please stay in the damn water. It’s the only place you’re safe.

Creed McTaggart. A fresh-face out of West Oz, a laid-back bloke who listens to The Velvet Underground and has long hair and has for the last six months been perpetual putty for the hippest in surf.



Design Forum

Trash to Slash

Waste to Waves is turning discarded foam into custom surfboards

The creation of one standard surfboard produces nearly 600 pounds of CO2, which is a lot considering that most boards weigh in around six pounds. In 2012, determined to find a solution to this, Michael Stewart and Kevin Whilden cofounded Waste to Waves and challenged surfers to help cut that footprint in half.



The Culture

Trestles Saved Again

In a 3-2 vote, the Regional Water Quality Control Board denied the TCA permit for the toll road

It was standing room only in the Regional Water Quality Control Board Meeting Room in San Diego. A few hundred surfers and environmentalists alike showed up to the hearing—which was inconveniently located some 50 miles away from Trestles—to fight on behalf of some of the best waves and most pristine State Park land in Southern California.




Acero in Africa

The ever-wandering Kepa Acero is going on a trek along the west coast of Africa

Most surfers find comfort in the daily ritual of checking their homebreak, pulling into the same parking spot day after day in hopes that the elements will have aligned and perfection will be waiting for them at the place they're most comfortable. For many surfers, there's nothing better than scoring in your own backyard. And then there is Kepa Acero.




Behind the Cover

Tasmanian madman Kyron Rathbone talks about his May cover shot

Tasmanian madman Kyron Rathbone talks about his May cover shot.




Delirium: A Trip of Madness

An interview with Brazilian filmmaker Pablo Aguiar

An interview with Brazilian filmmaker Pablo Aguiar.





Four young surfers with passions beyond the riding of waves

Here are four young watermen tapping into a connection with the ocean much deeper than the basic riding of waves. Don’t get the wrong idea, as surfers, they all rip—it’s just that they’re fine with losing sight of the shoreline as well.




Tyler Wright Wins the Roxy Pro

The girls return to Snapper for the Finals on the Gold Coast

"I had such an up-and-down season last year, I can't believe it. My whole family is here, my brothers and sisters were cheering me on...they've all been there since day one. In the moment right now, I'm loving it.” —Tyler Wright




Nemo’s Lines

Photographer Nick LaVecchia reports on swell and snowfall in Maine

From a carriage house on a sea cliff in York, Maine, photographer Nick LaVecchia braves the inclemency of the Northeastern U.S. weather to showcase a snapshot of the rare breed of snow surfers in Maine. Winter Storm Nemo was wreaking havoc across the land when it joined forces with the likes of another low-pressure system to bring solid overhead swell to his local shore. The only problem for surfers was the five feet of snow that came with it.




Vans Sponsors US Open

The US Open of Surfing will return to Huntington under a new banner

he US Open of Surfing has been a mainstay within the surf industry for 20 years now, under the banner of many different brands. Now, for the next three years at least, Vans will present the nine-day festival of skate, surf, and skin in July.


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