Justin Housman

Justin Housman

Justin lives, surfs, and whines about northwest winds in San Francisco. His beautiful wife endures.


The Culture

Return of the Surf Video Game

Spend even more time glued to your phone with "The Journey"

Ever hear of iHunch? Does iPosture ring a bell anywhere? Funny names for the semi-serious neck and back posture problems we’re all developing from craning our domes over the lords of our lives—our precious, precious smartphones. Well, as if you needed yet another thing gluing your face to your AMOLED screen, along comes “The Journey,” a surf



Week In Review

Week in Review 6/17/16

Medina takes to the sky! Occy turns 50! Slater will compete forever!

Random happenings in surf for the week of June 17th.




“The Endless Summer” is 50 Years Old

"Surfers are very stiff people," said original NY Times review

1966 was the Year of the Horse in the Chinese Zodiac. That same year, David Robert Haywood-Jones chose “David Bowie” as his stage name. Simon and Garfunkel released “Sounds of Silence” in 1966, and Star Trek debuted on television. In the U.S., a gallon of gas cost, on average, 32 cents, and the average home price was $14,200.



Week In Review

Week in Review 6/10/16

Ours ruining bodies! Medina burns Jordy! Happy B-Day Mr. Edwards!

Random happenings in surf for the week of June 10th




World Oceans Day Reminds Us We’re All Plastic Addicts

The depressing irony of being a plastic-coated surfer

Hug your ocean extra tight today—it’s World Oceans Day! A United Nations-recognized, uh, holiday? Day of recognition? Celebration? Anyway, World Oceans Day has been around since 1992, and the environmental arm of the U.N. made it an official thing in 2008. It’s a day for reflecting on all the wonderful things the ocean does for



Environmental News

Santa Cruz Beach Again CA’s Dirtiest

Cowell Beach tops list of most polluted in whole state; Save The Waves on the case

If you’re from Santa Cruz, or the greater Northern California Surfing Republic (that’s right, long ago we declared independence from the rest of the state), there’s a decent chance you learned to surf at Cowell’s, the lazy, picturesque right point at the foot of Steamer Lane, popular with kids, beginning surfers, surf schools, and slumming



Week In Review

Week in Review 6/3/16

Bethany for President! Machado gets a Wedgie! Laird is Immortal!

Random happenings in surf for the week of June 3rd.




Cape St. Francis vs. Kelly’s Wave Pool

The ultimate "Would You Rather"

Does the hubris of man know no bounds? Are we never satisfied with great waves? We surfed flawless, low-tide Rincon, and mid-hop during the rock dance up the beach we looked back toward the lineup and asked: “We can do better than that, right? Wave-wise?” We got tubed and tubed and tubed at Kirra, and





A cold-water surf trip, directed by British filmmakers Rob Lockyear and Jeremy Joyce

When British filmmakers Rob Lockyear and Jeremy Joyce of Two Eyes Film slipped us a screener of their surf film/surf film parody Freezing this past November, we loved it right away. It hilariously mocked overly earnest surf film travelogues, while providing some drop-dead gorgeous shots of the Icelandic surf zone. Lockyear and Joyce have since



The Culture

(Maybe) Conquer Big-Wave Fears in One Hour!

"Brainspot" your way to the Mavericks Bowl

No better fix than a quick fix, amirite? Who wants to learn to overcome fears with plodding care? I sure as hell don’t. We’ve got a limited number of trips around the sun here, so spending years working up the courage to confront pit-of-the-soul terrors of man-eating waves sounds dreadfully boring. As does dropping good


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