Justin Housman

Justin Housman

Justin lives, surfs, and whines about northwest winds in San Francisco. His beautiful wife endures.


The Culture

Tom Carroll Tells All

Australian surf hero comes clean about his drug addiction in "60 Minutes" interview

Tom Carroll has struggled with a crystal meth addiction since 2002, the two-time world champion revealed on Australia’s 60 Minutes Sunday night. Carroll was interviewed alongside older brother Nick Carroll, who has co-written the forthcoming autobiography, TC: Tom Carroll, a book that promises to chronicle some of the darkest moments of Tom’s life.




Nat Young Interview

The pride of Santa Cruz and 2013 Rookie of the Year on transitioning to the World Tour

I caught up with Nat from his home in Santa Cruz to get his thoughts on his first world tour blitz, and what winning Rookie of the Year means. He's clearly a focused guy, and his competitiveness practically oozed through the phone. Look for him to crack the top five next year.




The World in the Curl

Academia takes a long look at surf culture

Peter Westwick and Peter Neushul, both of them PhDs who teach and surf in Southern California, use the book’s nearly 400 pages to show how outside, landlubbing forces have made the surfer lifestyle possible, and how, in turn (but to a lesser degree), surfing has made a pretty big mark on mainstream culture all over the world.



The Culture

The Marshalls Trip Out

Summer's over. Relive the joy.

Trace, Chad, and DJ Marshall style up the lineup at Malibu and run a pretty cool little clothes company, the Brothers Marshall. Sometimes they make weird videos. Try to enjoy this one.




Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau

Sam George directs a documentary masterpiece

“We were really under pressure—if we didn’t get the story right, we could never go back to Hawaii again,” director Sam George told the Tribeca Film Festival in an interview about Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau. Rest assured Sam, you got it right. You knocked it right out of the park.




Surfing And the Shutdown

How the U.S. government's closures can impact your surf life

The government entered into partial shutdown mode on October 1st, and whether it impacts you directly or not depends largely on where you work, where you live, and how you pay the bills. Here are the main ways in which the shutdown may be influencing your surf program.



Design Forum

The Boardroom

Kick the tires of a new ride this weekend in Costa Mesa

This weekend, October 5 and 6, The Boardroom, a kind of surfboard festival/trade show, will be going down at the OC Fair and Event Center in Costa Mesa. If you like surfboards, which, of course you do, you owe it to yourself to take a peek at what’s going on there. And there is an awful lot going on.



The Culture

Cut Back to California

This must be the best haircutting/surf movie ever made

Last year, Japanese hair stylist and surfer Kyousuke Karube took a trip out to California, surfed, and cut hair. Mostly the hair of notable surfers.



The Culture

The E.O.S. is Alive

Allow us to introduce you to the digital Encyclopedia of Surfing

For the past two-and-a-half years, Warshaw has devoted his entire life to building the biggest archive of surf culture history on the planet (though he hates the words “history” and “culture” and will be pissed I used ‘em here), and not only making it available to the public, but making it fresh, vibrant, and contemporary.



The Culture

Surf, Eat, Read, Nap

Enjoy these ten books on SURFER's back-to-school reading list

It's nearly fall, so, thankfully, students across the country are returning to school. Reading lists will be assigned, and while they'll undoubtedly feature some very important parts of the great literary canon, those lists likely won't include the best works of surf lit. Here's a list of ten surf books every surfer should own.


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