Justin Housman

Justin Housman

Justin lives, surfs, and whines about northwest winds in San Francisco. His beautiful wife endures.


Design Forum

Enjoy Handplanes

The most fun you can have with fins on

Lewis and Denslow didn't really expect to start a full-blown handplane business. They just had so much fun on their tiny pieces of surf craft, people noticed and wanted in too.



How To

How To Paint Your Fins

Turn your fins into art with these 5 easy steps

Have a bunch of old plastic fins lying around? Buy a board off the rack recently that had a set of these cheapies plugged in? Then you’ve got yourself some fin canvases. Just because you paint them doesn’t mean that they’ll work as well as a set of $120 carbon-fiber superfins (then again, maybe they […]




This Week in Webclips

The best surf videos of the week, all in one place

CLIP OF THE WEEK: Dillon Perillo If you’ve longed for a video that got into the heart and mind of Dillon Perillo, this is the one for you. Even if you haven’t been longing for that, certainly you can enjoy a well-made, well-soundtracked clip of the stylings of Mr. Perillo in some warm-water pointbreaks. Knost […]



The Culture

Friends of Jess

An ebay auction to raise money for the Nicholson family

But in March, Simon’s wife Jess died after fighting brain cancer for more than a year. Her passing leaves Simon as a single father to their young children Joel (5) and Anna (2). The Nicholson’s employed an aggressive regimen of expensive new cancer drugs in their fight for Jess’s life, which has left Simon with $25,000 in medical bills. The financial burden on his young family is immense.




Kemp Aaberg Interview

A surf icon. Literally.

Kemp Aaberg, possibly the nicest guy to ever set foot on the sands of Malibu, turned 74 earlier this year. I called him at his Southern California home and took him back, way back, to when he was a gangly teenager—styling gangly teenager, sorry Kemp—getting jostled around the North Shore in the back of a rattletrap […]



Photo Blog

Celebrate the Cinco

On Cinco de Mayo, here are five reasons to celebrate Mexico

It's not Mexico's actual independence day, but there's still reason to celebrate.



The Culture

An Ode to Derek Hynd

Cheers to the most interesting surfer in the world

Derek Hynd is the most interesting surfer in the world.



Random Happenings

Surf Science

A wave quality survey needs your help

Your knowledge is needed. Did you hate science in school? Don’t worry. You’re an expert when it comes to the observational science of breaking waves. And Dan Reineman—a coastal researcher, Stanford doctoral candidate, and more important, a surfer—wants to deputize you as a citizen surfer scientist. Your role as a citizen scientist is easy: take […]



The Culture

The Thruster: Still Thrusting

Simon Anderson's famous Bells win, three decades on

Thirty-three years ago, Simon Anderson won the Bells event on his new-fangled three-finned thruster design. It's usually considered the big breakout moment for the thruster, but Anderson had actually ridden his new board weeks before at Burleigh Heads during the Stubbies contest.




North Shore 2: Please No

Design North Shore 2 outta the picture, haole

Did you catch that? Turtle is wearing a Chandler Surfboards T-shirt! Somebody actually made a shirt festooned with the Chandler Surfboards logo. People really, truly, love North Shore. And now some of the people who really, truly love North Shore are getting desperate to make North Shore 2, a mere 30 years after the original […]


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