Justin Housman

Justin Housman

Justin lives, surfs, and whines about northwest winds in San Francisco. His beautiful wife endures.


Design Forum

Mushroom Surfboards

The next wave in eco-friendly blanks may be made of fungi

Well, somebody stole your fantastic idea. You know that plan you had to grow super strong, biodegradable foam out of mushrooms, and then mold that foam into an eco-friendly surfboard blank? Too late.



The Culture

“Cheerio,” The Surfer’s Path

Longtime British surf mag closes its doors

The Surfer's Path, founded in 1997 by Alex Dick-Read, former Caribbean correspondent for the Associated Press, has announced that its soon-to-be published 100th issue will be its very last.



The Culture

Pushing Pine

South African chargers Frank Solomon and Josh Redman fund their Northern California winter by slinging Christmas trees

For the last two years, South African hellmen Frank Solomon and Josh Redman have spent the first part of the winter together in San Francisco, surfing Mavericks and bigger-than-big Ocean Beach. Though they’re two of the best big-wave surfers on the planet (Solomon finished 10th in the Big Wave World Tour last year), Solomon and […]




Kieren Perrow Interview

The new ASP commissioner sits down for a post-Tour debrief

Kieren Perrow, one of the good guys, sits down for a post-tour debriefing.




Thanksgiving’s Best Surf Bets

Plenty of waves and plenty of food, Thanksgiving is the best

No matter where your Thanksgiving travels take you, as long as you stick near a coast, you’re stoked. Late November is a surefire bet for good surf pretty much anywhere in the States. Crisp fall conditions, regular pulses of swell in the Pacific and Atlantic, water and air not yet bone-chilling cold. Yet even among […]




The Code

Shaun Tomson's words to live by

THE CODE By Shaun Tomson Buy it here. Shaun Tomson’s impossibly handsome visage has long ago been carved deeply into the pantheon of surfing’s elite. He need do nothing more than continue to surf Rincon well and make a few aloha-shirted public appearances now and then to stride off gloriously into surfing immortality. But in […]




Take Care of Your Wetsuit

A how-to for wetsuit maintenance, because rinsing alone just isn't enough

Wetsuits are so cool. We get to put on a superhero costume every time we paddle out at coldwater spots. Yes, surfing in boardshorts is undeniably better, but breaking in a new pair of boardies is nowhere near as satisfying as pulling on a set of soft, fresh rubber. At $400 a pop, good wetsuits are annoyingly expensive, but worth every cent. Keep that new suit feeling for as long as possible by sacrificing a few minutes of your post-surf burrito time to scrupulously care for your investment.



The Culture

5 Coaches Surfing Needs

The best coaches in history don't know surfing, but they do know winning

Sure, successful ex-pro surfers know how to make heats. But do they really know how to coach? Here’s a list of five past and present sports gurus from outside the surf world who would’ve made great surf coaches.




Designer Rides

From Lamborghinis to surfboards, Julian Hoenig knows a thing or two about design

If you’ve ever slid your hands down the rails of shiny new semi-gun and mentally compared it to a high-performance supercar, well, you’re not alone. If you’re making that connection while holding a surfboard made by San Francisco’s Julian Hoenig, then the comparison is especially apt. He is without a doubt the best Austrian-born, Audi-trained, […]



The Culture

Out in the Lineup

Founder of gaysurfers.net speaks about the new documentary focusing on gay surfers

A few months back, we ran the trailer for Out in the Lineup, a documentary featuring the experiences of gay surfers around the world. Well, the movie is finally slated for release in December, and last week I exchanged e-mails with Thomas Castets, producer of the film, and the founder of gaysurfers.net, to find out a bit about what the project has involved. Here's what he had to say.


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