Justin Housman

Justin Housman

Justin lives, surfs, and whines about northwest winds in San Francisco. His beautiful wife endures.


The Culture

Retro Slidin’

Jack Coleman's surreal trip continues with "Mandarin Brown"

Jack Coleman is not the surf world's most user-friendly filmmaker. His work is all shot on film, usually Super-8, with all the accompanying grain and blur you'd expect, which he then layers over with a whole bunch of color saturation.




“Bella Vita” Shows Italy’s Best

Italian surf film stars Chris Del Moro, costars the Italian food scene

Italy is absolutely holding. Soul-stirring wine. Incredible food. Beautiful land. Equally beautiful people. Wonderful cars. Masterful artisans. And for the patient, there are even a few waves in Italy. Just ask Chris del Moro.




See Ya, Slater?

Why, finally, it's time to move on from King Kelly

Kelly Slater turned 42 this week. Mick Fanning is 32. Parko’s knocking on 33′s door. Taj is 35. That’s four of the ASP’s top-five, right there, all north of 30. This, as you may be aware, is unprecedented. Remember when Occy burst out of his mummy wrap to win a title at 33? The oldest […]



Design Forum

GMac’s New Whip

Nobody does surfboard design like Stuttgart, Germany

When Garrett McNamara tackled massive, ugly Nazaré last week, he did so on a new, uh, surfboard. Mercedes, one of his chief sponsors, and Garret got together to make a board they're calling the "Silver Arrow of the Seas."



The Culture

What “Loaded” Gets Right

Answer: Everything

Dane Reynolds' Loaded gets everything right about surf movies.



The Culture

The Wrath of Hercules

The megastorm left devastation in its wake

Hercules wasn't all about giant perfect surf at Belharra and Mullaghmore. Many coastal communities in the U.K. bore the brunt of the storm's rage, and it will take years to recover.



The Culture

A Sierra Leone Surf Club

Meet the new Bureh Beach Surf Club, the first of its kind in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone. For many, the country’s name still evokes images of blood diamonds, a desperate civil war, and enslaved child soldiers. Though the diamond-fueled violence ended well over a decade ago, deep scars remain. Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries on earth, unemployment is rampant, and the majority of its population lives on […]



The Culture

What’s in a Wetsuit Color?

Psychologists say wetsuit color may affect your performance far more than you think

What color is your wetsuit? Black, right? Makes sense. Assuming you’re not a pro, you’re likely not looking to draw attention to your questionable cutback and weird arm placement with a brightly colored suit. Sports and behavioral psychologists, however, have news for you: wetsuit color may affect your performance far more than you’ve ever imagined. […]



Random Happenings

Mad Close to a Shark Attack

Mad Huey Shaun Harrington flirts with 10 feet of tiger shark disaster

The Mad Hueys. What do they do, exactly? Well, mostly things like this. It’s hard to say what the plan was for this video, it’s Shaun Harrington shark diving with a birdcage. Funny, but on the precipice of disturbing. Mad Hueys in a nutshell.



The Culture

Hello, BERT

An interview with surfing's strangest street artist

There is really only one place in the U.S. where street art portraying pro surfing victories could possibly gain the attention of passersby, and that place is Southern California. Following each World Tour event in the 2013 season, an anon artist called BERT chose a blank wall of a building somewhere near the I-5 to […]


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