Jeff Mull

Jeff Mull

Hawaii Editor, SURFER Magazine



A Sticky Mess

A molasses spill in Honolulu creates major environmental concerns

A molasses spill in Honolulu Harbor has killed more than 25,000 fish and created numerous environmental issues for the city.



The Culture

Shaun Tomson Talk Story

From his days competing to the release of his new book, Tomson opens up at Surfer, The Bar

From his days competing to the release of his new book, The Code, Tomson opens up at Surfer, The Bar's 'Talk Story' session.




In the Red

Without a sponsor, Raoni Monteiro can no longer afford to compete full time on the World Tour

I haven’t had a sponsor for three years now and I’ve basically run out of money and have to pick and choose what events I can afford to travel to. I can’t tell you how unbelievably frustrating that is. I have a family over here in Brazil that I need to take care of and surfing is my profession. But it’s simply not paying the bills. I mean, I made it to the World Tour; it’s as high as you can go. There are only 34 guys in the whole world who can make it to this level. I did it. I worked unbelievably hard to get here. And now I can’t afford to do it any longer.




An Open Field at The Lane

The Coldwater Classic unveils a new format

In an effort to shine the light on surfing’s talented-but-unsponsored masses, O’Neill will be implementing an entirely new format for their upcoming Cold Water Classic event.




The Backside Carve

Owen Wright breaks down the fundamentals

By incorporating speed, power and grace, this seemingly mundane turn can take on new life. Here, Owen Wright gives us a step-by-step breakdown of his patented backside hack.




North Shore Gridlock

New proposal would remove parking at Laniakea

In response to the growing complaints from North Shore residents like Fred Patacchia, state transportation officials created a 19-member task force equipped with a $1.7 million dollar budget and 18 months of time to study the issue and provide recommendations. Their proposed solution? Remove parking altogether at Lanis.



Design Forum

Just Press Print

Advancements in 3D printing could reshape the surfboard industry

The hype surrounding 3D printing has consumers and manufacturers buzzing. There have been discussions of printing everything from guns to steaks to entire buildings. NASA even funded the development of a 3D food printer to feed astronauts in space. Everyone wants a piece of the computer-generated pie. And surfers are no exception.




Coming Down

ISA strips gold medal from Mark Richardson for positive THC test

“The ISA has been conducting drug tests at every ISA World Championship since 1992. Since then, the ISA has conducted over 600 drug tests, including to all finalists at all our World Championships, and this is the first gold medalist who has tested positive." —ISA President Fernando Aguerre.




Summer of the Shark

Series of shark attacks hit Hawaii

A recent string of shark attacks in Hawaii has left many surfers concerned and bewildered.




Reunion Island Bans Surfing

In response to recent attacks, Reunion Island shuts down its lineups and plans to cull 90 sharks

In response to a surge in shark attacks, government officials in Reunion Island have banned surfing outside of the island's lagoons until October 1 of this year. Anyone caught surfing outside of the lagoon will face a $50 fine. Additionally, they plan to cull 90 sharks—45 tiger sharks and 45 bull sharks—from the island's waters to help combat the attacks.


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