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How To Order A Step-Up

North Shore shaper Pat Rawson on ordering the perfect winter board

With winter on the horizon, it’s time you start to prepare accordingly. Whether it’s California, Hawaii, or a far-flung reef pass, there will inevitably come a day when your standard shortboard has maxed out and you’ll need a step-up. To ensure that you have the right foam under your feet, we rang up the North




Michel Bourez Wins Haleiwa

Tahitian surfer muscles his way to victory and takes the Triple Crown ratings lead

Marred by a litany of laydays, the Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa finally managed to resuscitate itself over the weekend and crowned a champion in the form of Tahiti’s Michel Bourez today. Although the 2- to 3-foot swell on tap was indeed contestable—both quick rights and longer, softer lefts filtered through the lineup—it was by




Nuclear Pick-Up Sticks

TEPCO begins precarious process of removing spent fuel rods at Fukushima Plant

The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has undertaken the very delicate and potentially dangerous process of removing more than 1,000 spent fuel rods from the No. 4 nuclear reactor, the first major step in decommissioning the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant. Under normal circumstances, removing spent fuel rods is considered to be a relatively routine task




Surfer Reported Missing

North Shore rescue teams searching for Kirk Passmore after going missing

Rescue teams are combing lineups across the North Shore in search of a missing surfer. According to Shayne Enright, a spokesperson of the Department of Emergency Services, the surfer went missing while surfing Alligators, an Outer Reef break, at approximately 11:20 this morning. While officials are unable to release the name of the missing surfer,




Think of the Children

Gabriel Medina, we love you, but please stop surfing in Junior events

When you’re wining events on the World Tour, something tells me that you may have outgrown competing in Pro Junior comps.




Fracking in California

Widespread use of fracking in offshore wells raises alarm

Off the coast of some of Southern California’s most iconic beaches, oil companies are utilizing an environmentally controversial process to tap into oil deposits previously considered unreachable. The procedure, known as hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” has received widespread criticism from environmental groups like the Surfrider Foundation and has occurred much more than was previously known.




Another Attack in Reunion

A bodysurfer loses his leg in latest shark attack, local surfers frustrated with government and regulations

“Most of us have stopped surfing as much,” said Fabrice Fridmann. “We do still have a group of avid surfers on the south, toward St-Pierre, Étang-Salé, and Saint-Leu, but with all that’s happened lately…it’s hard to say what will happen to surfers on Reunion in the future.”




The Perils of Privatization

An update on the proposed privatization of lineups in the Maldives

Australian David Beasley describes the hurdles facing the Maldivian surfers in the face of the proposed privatization of the country’s most esteemed lineups.




How To Get Barreled

Ace Buchan teaches you to tuberide

Ace Buchan gives us the ins and outs of the, err, in and out.




ASP Announces Media Plan

ESPN, Facebook, and YouTube to enter the lineup

The ASP's new media model, which encompasses a television, social, and digital component, falls in line with their greater plan to expand the reach of professional surfing into the mainstream.


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