The Tofino Transformation

Peter Devries and the rise of Canadian surfing

Peter Devries is still haunted by his early memories of surfing in Canada. “I was a scrawny little kid,” he explains. “Finding a wetsuit that actually fit was impossible, especially in Tofino. So winter surfing was completely out of the question until I was about 13, after I finally grew into one.” Tofino’s winters are




Niche Craftsmen

How specialized hand shapers stay relevant in the era of digital design

While the big labels still depend on a wide array of specialists at every level of production, today’s most renowned custom board builders have become masters of it all: concept, design, shaping, coloring, laminating, hot-coating, fin design, even sanding and polishing. And these craftsmen refuse to be bound by convention, which is why a wider variety of alternative designs (i.e. finless, asymmetric, cutoffs) than ever before are available today.