The Tofino Transformation

Peter Devries and the rise of Canadian surfing

Peter Devries is still haunted by his early memories of surfing in Canada. “I was a scrawny little kid,” he explains. “Finding a wetsuit that actually fit was impossible, especially in Tofino. So winter surfing was completely out of the question until I was about 13, after I finally grew into one.” Tofino’s winters are




Niche Craftsmen

How specialized hand shapers stay relevant in the era of digital design

While the big labels still depend on a wide array of specialists at every level of production, today’s most renowned custom board builders have become masters of it all: concept, design, shaping, coloring, laminating, hot-coating, fin design, even sanding and polishing. And these craftsmen refuse to be bound by convention, which is why a wider variety of alternative designs (i.e. finless, asymmetric, cutoffs) than ever before are available today.




The Last Beachboy

Rabbit Kekai, on his education from the Duke, on toughening up today's pros, and more

(This interview was originally posted on July 22nd, 2010) Hawaii’s Rabbit Kekai, 83, is proof positive that surfers are staying on it longer than ever. Today, when he’s not surfing his beloved Queens, this veteran Waikiki beachboy spends much of his time with his charitable Rabbit Kekai Foundation, which promotes kids surfing and education through