Agents of Change

Surfing For All

Big-wave surfer Cliff Skudin is empowering Long Island's disabled community with the stoke of surf

On a warm summer morning nearly ten years ago, Cliff Skudin of Long Beach, NY stumbled upon a surf outing for autistic children at a local beach. Unexpectedly, he was asked to participate as a coach, and he agreed to take a young boy out for a few waves. The 12-year-old had never spoken before,




Plight of the Torpedo People

SURFER's Chris Burkard teamed with Keith Malloy to explore the history and progression of body surfing

It’s a visual journey through the lenses of Burkard and Malloy, a reminder that it is not solely the sport of surfing we love, but the art of riding waves in the ocean itself that we hold onto so dearly. “Rarely have I had the opportunity to photograph something as pure as body surfing,” explains Burkard. “It’s the most stripped down form of wave riding.”




Behind Zero to 100

Lakey Peterson and filmer Aaron Lieber talk about their new surf movie

I met Aaron when we were filming Leave A Message a few years ago. I’d just signed with Nike, and I had thought the film came out amazing. He was one of the big guys on the edit team. I always travel with my family, and he came with us the first year. He was there the whole time, which was cool and fun. We work well together. I know when to give him his space, and he can read me as well."




The Surf Trip Survival Guide

A guidebook that starts where the swell reports end

Broken boards, localism, malaria, theft, natural disaster, shark attacks, and a thousand other ways to kook it on a trip are things most surfers are familiar with, and the guide serves as a reference tool for all of them.




A Job Interview

Balaram Stack and the empty space on the nose of his board

Balaram Stack and the empty space on the nose of his board.