Brendon Thomas

Brendon Thomas

Former Editor, SURFER Magazine



The 2015 Hot 100

The definitive ranking of the world's best young surfers

When SURFER first started compiling and ranking the best young surfers on the planet back in the 1980s, the editors struggled to find enough names to populate the list. Sure, there were easily enough surfers, but the early Hot 100’ers lacked the exposure that the current crop of young surfers enjoy. Today, team rosters are




Unlikely Pairing

Rob Machado is shaping surfboards and selling them in the last place you'd expect

It would be easy to mistake Rob Machado for a slacker, what with the unkempt hair, the half-tempo delivery of his speech, the sporadic drifting. In reality, Machado is one of the hardest working pros out there. Between celebrity appearances, sponsor obligations, his clothing line, his philanthropy, his family, and well, surfing, he’s somehow found



The Culture

Neymar on Medina

Brazilian soccer superstar Neymar Jr. talks about what a surfing World Title would mean for Brazil

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior—you know him as simply “Neymar,” or at least you should, because he’s a soccer genius—is one of Brazil’s most cherished sports stars. He’s also buddies with Gabriel Medina. The two play a little poker, trade snarky barbs on Instagram, and exchange jerseys, as per the unwritten rules of soccer sportsmanship.




Oceans Under Siege

The biggest issue of all: the health of our oceans

FROM THE BIG ISSUE | This year we devoted the Big Issue to the biggest issue facing surfers today: the health of our oceans. Was it a risk? Maybe. Was it necessary? Absolutely. Below is the editor’s letter from the issue: For many of us, surfing is an escape from reality, a brief time to




The Big Champ

Grant "Twiggy" Baker on his first, and much deserved, Big Wave World Title

With very little fanfare and almost no media coverage, Grant Baker became the new Big Wave World Champion. Although there hasn’t been an official announcement yet from the Big Wave Word Tour, Baker’s third place finish at the Dive N’ Surf Oregon Pro this week, along with his two wins in Spain and at Mavericks,



Design Forum

A Study in Single-Fins

Talking single-fins with aficionado Rob Machado

What got you into riding single-fins? The first time I went to Al Merrick’s house when I was 16 or 17. He had this photo on his wall from the ‘70s of a bunch of dudes with the coolest looking boards I had ever seen. From that day on, every time I went to Al’s




A Magic Run

Twiggy Baker reflects on an all-time winter in South Africa

"It’s given me passion and drive I never knew I had, I was always a crazed surf Nazi but now I’m even worse. I think anyone who gets told they’re not good enough for a company they have been with for 20 years will get a bee in there bonnet to prove those same people wrong." —Twiggy




Kalani Robb Interview

The SURFER Interview from The Momentum Issue




San Onofre Shut Down

Troubled nuclear generator shutting down permanently

Southern California Edison announced that it will permanently shutter the troubled plant that looms over the popular surfing break of San Onofre.




Let’s Begin Again

John Florence's latest clip raises the bar, by going back to basics

We've been lulled into a stupor by endless clips of logos being waxed followed by mediocre sessions in head-high mush. Begin Again stirred something deep inside us: a memory of what surf films used to be like.


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